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    AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

Dear Friends,

AIC - Abide in Christ, camp, May 8-11, 10th year


Our 4 days “AIC Leadership Training Camp” was a great blessing, people braved the severe summer heat, travelled around 14 hours by train to attend the meeting from various other states, there was a mixed crowd from the rural and urban pockets. The day started with worship and prayer from 7 am onwards, we had great response from people who co-operated with us during the afternoon sessions as well and stayed in the campsite until 9 pm; since this was a training camp for ministry, we desired that the participants reap full benefits from the teachings and they did carry home the harvest.  The tangible presence of God filled the worship hall, the anointing of the Holy Spirit touched and delivered many people.


There were great testimonies shared during all the days, let me quote a few phenomenal ones, which would surely amaze you :


A)  One particular pastor’s wife had come to attend the camp along with her two sons aged 6 & 7 years.  They had actually lost their church, their home, with no money left, a pastor-friend sponsored her trip and registration cost, she had come to receive a word from God.  She participated in all the activities and left with God’s instructions for her next move.  Amen.


B)  A group of young boys serving in their community had come in the midst of many financial problems and trials, after leaving the camp they straight went to conduct one week VBS in their area and touch the lives of many children, around 250 kids attended the VBS.  This is true revival!  Many youngsters rededicated theirs lives to God to serve God with passion. 


C). Vinodh had lost his job recently but his church friend Emmanuel had sponsored his entire trip for the camp, along with his wife Sumathi and two small children Vinodh attended the camp from a village, both these families are active members in their church serving the Sunday school and other church activities.  This love and sharing was truly heart-touching, the families of Vinodh and Emmanuel were a great blessing at the camp. 


D). We had tongues talking session everyday in the morning and afternoon, not just 5 minutes but it went on for more than an hour until the place shook.  My daughter Shalina took responsibility of this session.  In the afternoon the book of Philippians was given for meditation and people were given opportunity to give their revelations, it was amazing to watch God work in the midst of these hungry people, the heat could not dampen the spirit of the participants. 


E)  Altar call was given for serving  the Lord in the Vineyard and many came forward to surrender for working in the Lord's Kingdom in some capacity.  Work was also allocated to every team and thereby they had the opportunity to participate in serving the Lord.


Now you can see, this was no fancy, glamorous camp but one that would raise an army for God!   Through such camps conducted with deep fasting, prayer, determination, commitment and severe preparations, it does not just impact an individual; but a whole community, area and family gets blessed and there is great harvest for the Kingdom of God.   For those of you who had supported and prayed for this mission of God, a ‘big thank you’ from us and for those of you who had not helped us, please do so next time and be a partaker of this great work.  God bless you!

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AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019

AIC CAMP-10th year- 2019
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Dear friends,

May 7 today and tomorrow, we would be having our AIC camp on zoom, check out the zoom details in the flyer enclosed.

God bless you

Sis Bala Samson


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Dear friends,

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