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ABIDE  SCHOOL, Hyderabad

We started ABIDE SCHOOL in Hyderabad on September 11, 2011, totally catering to the poor and the underprivileged children.  By the grace of God,  we have received Government Recognition from the Government of Telangana, and right now we have classes from LKG to standard VII.  Our vision is to make it to standard X.

I never knew that God was taking me into a totally new horizon, that is 'educational institution' when He brought us to Hyderabad in the year 2009! My heart melted and went out for the young kids loitering in the streets,  I decided that EDUCATION is a very important tool that can be used to reach out to the young hearts and also plant Jesus in their lives; which would be the only way to reform their lives. Amen.  However, I started in a small way in the beginning by working as a volunteer teaching English in NGO schools and for Corporation school kids; I got a first-hand experience of the shoddy teaching in these areas and my heart was burdened for them; moreover, I was strictly forbidden from preaching the gospel in these places by the authorities.  I felt like my hands and mouth were tied! I wanted to do something to change the parched lives of these poor kids.  I could tearfully write reams of my experience spent in the midst of the poor and abandoned kids in some of the NGOs run in a reckless manner.

It is now that God placed it in our hearts to start our own educational institution for the poor kids who did not have access to either good education or a good future.  Thus was birthed our ABIDE  SCHOOL!  (Click HERE for more details of our School) Besides offering them education, we also decided to give them free lunch which would encourage the parents to send them to school.  Children of rag pickers, street dwellers, daily laborers, domestic servants and children who have discontinued their studies due to various reasons are all admitted into the school free of cost.  Children are trained according to their learning capacity and placed in the respective classes.  A ten year old boy came to our school from a village without knowledge of even English alphabets, by the grace of God, he was a hard worker and quickly caught pace with the other children and now he can read and write in English, Hindi and Telugu. ( His name is Karun Kumar, click HERE to read about him.)  Incredible feat I must say!  He is also one of the best student in the school and assists me in various activities of the school as well.  Besides academic lessons, children get the opportunity to learn songs about Jesus and some children from the school also come to our Sunday School on Sundays.  Praise the Lord!

C.S.Lewis said: “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”




  1. Children from village background have been picked up and now with proper nurturing and tutoring, besides telugu, hindi, they now can speak and write in English.  Some outstanding students have scored 90% and above marks in the exams.  Besides education, students are taught personality development and discipline.
  2. Absolute free  education with uniforms, books, stationary,    food and medical facility for the students are being offered.


Our entire family are involved in this project, I teach them cleanliness, discipline, prayer and also maintenance of their books, handwriting is an area where I am very strict as well.  We have dedicated and trained teachers who help us run our school, my daughter Shalina, B.Tech graduate  is also involved in this project.  Our kids learn Telugu, hindi, math and English. Though  a Herculean task, totally through faith in Jesus, we are marching forward with much prayers as our only investment. It requires an endless supply of energy, a massive amount of patience, iron will, and recognition of the fact that we can do everything through Jesus Christ our Savior, who gives us the wisdom and strength. Amen.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

You can pray and also support us for this godly project. When you support us in this work of His Kingdom, you would also be planting seeds in the lives of these kids and your financial support would enable me to reach out to areas which never would have been possible without you!


Steel Book Racks
Steel Cupboards
Table chairs for teachers
Chairs and writing benches for children

You can also Sponsor for Uniforms, text books and note books.

Offerings for 'Abide School' should be sent ONLY to the following bank account:

SB Account # 33196176011
IFSC Code : SBIN0012739
Branch Code : 012739
HNO 1-1-28/65, Jaikishan colony,
Hyderabad 500 062.
God bless you!

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Dear friends,

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Growth of children


The new National Family Health Survey-4 data for 15 States show that 37 per cent of children in India, under the age of five are stunted, click

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