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    From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE CAMP!

Luke 10:2 Then He said to them, "The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Picking the low-hanging fruits gleefully is no big deal, the challenge is in conquering the far-fetched ones!

We are ill-prepared for the vastly different challenges! If great things are to be achieved, this cannot be achieved if we continue to look for the easy way out. Anybody there? We too easily get satisfied with dubious victories! I challenge each one of you to enter the enemy territory and bring them to Christ! Too many of us are dancing inside the church, inside air-conditioned auditorium with disco lights; while the enemy is ravishing the little children and the poor souls! Who is ready to enter the enemy territory? Who else has the best opportunity if not the young people? There are heaps of opportunities: visit orphanages, visit backward villages, visit hospitals, juvenile prisons and many such places which are the devil’s domains. I started my ministry by distributing gospel tracts on the busy highways of Chennai. Move out!

After a year of severe pursuit and meticulous follow up, I was able to embrace two kids who have been languishing in the streets, while the mother would leave home very early in the morning to pick up garbage from the local colonies. The very first day I spotted her with her third son wrapped around her neck, while she briskly rode the tricycle, which she used to collect the garbage, she touched my heart. Her name is Narasama! The little fellow was quite bulky and I did wonder how she carried the burden; however, my relentless efforts to speak to her failed because she never trusted people. She was aggressively speedy in her work, so that she could rush back to her two other kids, who were alone back at home, who are respectively: six and five years old.

Ah! One day I managed to catch up with her and enquire about her kids and family, still no smile from her, though; I would flash my best of my smile but she would just stare back at me. She had a blank look on her face! Just to avoid my questions - which she felt were an intrusion - she would quickly pick up the garbage can and leave the place in a jiffy.

On a particular day she was terribly upset and she shared that her husband had bashed her up under the influence of alcohol. After some comforting words, I asked her to bring her two grown up children to our free school, she harshly retorted back, ‘I have to leave home very early at 6 am in the morning, and I don’t have time to get them ready that early.’ As I got to speak to her everyday on this, I told her, ‘think about the future of your kids, they would grow up to be a drunkard and rowdy like your husband.’ She again rudely replied, ’who would feed us if I don’t go for work?’ After few months, I told her that I would appoint a care taker in school so that she could leave the kids at 6 am in the morning; unfortunately, none agreed to come that early, neither was I able to get a full time care taker. I prayed everyday for the poor lady who had by the time become my
friend. I now started sharing the Gospel with her and invited her to church, God had worked in her heart and it was now her part to look for me. I offered her tea and I would share the love of God with her and encourage her. It took me one full year to get her
affection through the abundant grace of Jesus. Now after drinking the tea, she would give me a wide grin and say, ‘praise the Lord!’ Imagine!

God was stirring my heart and not a day would pass when I would not think of her and her lovely kids playing in the dirty streets! Finally I took a decision to take care of the kids in the morning myself until I find a care taker. I cannot express the joy
and happiness when I saw all the three beautiful boys come to our school; it was definitely not easy to tame them since they had been used to rough, street life for long. The grace of God changed them! They are now students of our ‘Abide Public School' - Naresh, Narasimha and Krisha!

This has actually become a 'miraculous kick start' for many more kids from parents of the same profession to join our school, which has now become 'HALFWAY HOME' for the children.

View / Download:  narasimha.doc.pdf

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!

From garbage dump to ABIDE camp!
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