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    What's in a sole?

What’s in a sole?


Actor Jamie Dornan, ardent lover of Nike shoes and had every single pair released with him, until one day he felt, ‘I don’t need all these shoes, they should go to someone who does, I know I had some valuable things, but all the more valuable to charity than me hanging unto them.’ Ah! This is deliverance from frivolous things!  Some of us are holding on to trash that has to go! Are you listening?

Friend, did you know your small contribution would bring heaps of joy in the camp of Abide School?  Recently, we distributed shoes to the students, we had taken the Abide Angel Home kids out  to an entertainment Park,  we gave them the necessary stationary items etc, but there's still lot more we can do.

Send your best offering to the kids of the downtrodden so that they also get to enjoy quality life.  Are you listening?


God bless you,

Bala Samson





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What's in a sole?

What's in a sole?

What's in a sole?

What's in a sole?

What's in a sole?

What's in a sole?
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