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You are on records

Mathew 1:5” Salmon was the father of Boaz by Rahab, Boaz was the father of Obed by Ruth, and Obed the father of Jesse.

God is not going to forget you, He would have your name recorded in HIS history, are you listening?  This for someone who has done great works for God and feels that he is forgotten, not so friend, God remembers you and your name would be recorded in the book of life, are you listening?

GRACE OF GOD: Hey, what is the name of Rahab doing in the genealogy records of the birth of Jesus Christ?  Though she once worked as a prostitute; yet, God remembered to record her name in the most important list in the Bible and honor her for the impeccable and unshakeable faith that she had in Jehovah, you can read that in Joshua 2:9-11.  We just have few more days for Christmas, I’m excited to preach on the birth of Jesus Christ which is filled with His grace, every scripture from chapter one of Mathew 5 oozes out His love and mercy and we got to first understand this before we go ahead to celebrate Christmas, let us celebrate in a meaningful way and love Jesus the way He loves us.  We at Abide School along with our church Shiloh Revival Church we are organizing a grand Christmas celebration at an auditorium where a lot of people from other faith would come and hear the good news of Christmas through drama, dance and songs.  If you would like to sow for this grand event and bless the Kingdom of God, you can sow your offerings into WORSHIP JESUS MINISTRIES TRUST and not Abide School, click HERE to get the bank account.  

SPIRITUAL REVELATION:  Back to the message, chapter one of the book of Mathew is filled with names and it would certainly confuse new converted Christians and it might scare people to go further; however, if they only patiently keep reading over and over again, God would unravel His mystery and show His grace through these scriptures.  Are you listening?  Having come to end of the year, let me ask you something today , how many times have you completed the Bible today?  When I announced in the church today that I had completed the New Testament 6 times as of date and the Old Testament twice, a church member came to me after service and asked me, ‘the record that you gave us for your Bible reading is it of this year or thus far?’  I said, ‘this year’ and he was shocked, he said ‘people are finding it difficult to complete the Bible once in their life time and now I hear this and I am shocked.  I guess he went home with some resolutions, praise God,  we are confused and we run to google for answers because we have failed to read the Bible.


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