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Full of the Spirit

Full of the Spirit


Acts 6:3"Therefore, brethren, select from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this task.”


I kept reading the word ‘full’ enormous number of times today! I halted to check it out, which made me write this message today.  I remember my mom utter a tamil phrase, which goes like this, ‘a vessel filled with water till the brim  does not flip-flop, but half-filled ones would sway up and down, likewise, we find half-filled people make a lot of noise these days. 


During my initial days of salvation, I expected all Bible-reading, tongue-speaking, church-going, born again believers to be nice and gentle, but instead I found few of them very aggressive that kind of puzzled me, but then I got a clear understanding that they were ‘half-filled, finger-pointing-but-doing-nothing, back-biting, gossiping Christians.  We don’t have to bother much about them anyway, because they go nowhere – they would talk, talk, talk and then perish.


 Well, there are several of you who read my devotions for umpteen number of years and there are readers who have print outs of my devotions for the past ten years, alright, my question to you today, ‘are you filled with God or are you half-baked Christian?’  Tell me.  The most atrocious thing is when they utter the name of the Lord every second and at the same time are venomous.  Not many read the Bible every day or have an intimate relationship with God just empty, dirty noise that has no place in the throne room of God.  Shoot me for saying this, but this is truth.  People who carry grudges, bitterness, anger, self-pity, rebels and smart-talkers visit the church every week without any transformation.  Pastor struggles alone in the church, while many so-called good Christians walk late to church and gossip after church. 


Righteousness doesn’t mean to not only steal or cheat, but it also means that you respect office working hours and avoid wasting time.  Browsing social media during office hours tantamount to stealing! I would also recommend that you use your own mobile phone and check out my daily devotions rather than slyly checking out on your office computer.  From the time you check in to your office gate, your time belongs to the organization, since I also run a school and have a team of staff, I would not permit my staff to attend personal calls or browse their mobile.  You cannot reap much spiritual benefit from the Word of God, when you transgress in the first place – the harvest is lost in disobedience.  This is deep.


A person filled with Holy Spirit doesn’t have to talk much, his actions and life speak thousand words.


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