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Amos 5:13”Therefore at such a time the prudent person keeps silent, for it is an evil time.”


The Meaning of ‘Gag order’:” a judge's directive forbidding the public disclosure of information on a particular matter.” The above scripture is a ‘gag order by our Judge and Lord,  to shut our mouth during time of danger! Anybody listening?


  1. We don’t have to make a noise!


The above scripture from the book of Amos popped out from the Bible and caught my attention recently while I was reading the Bible and I started digging deep into that scripture alone.  Observe again what the Lord says, “keep silent because it is an evil time!’  Boy, what an advice!  What more do we need? Tell me.  Did not God say “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  Yeah, we don’t have to make a noise,  God would reveal His power in His own way! Glory to Jesus!  I am very fond of a particular prophetess and I would sit in the quietness of the night and listen to her preach everyday live on facebook; however, the prophetess would get perturbed with negative comments and she would sometimes get sensitive, or she would be giving some emotional retorts.  I personally believed ‘it was no use answering the devils, they are going to talk anyways.’


After a few months, she had been on a long fasting and prayer when she had locked herself up in a room to be with God, after which she came refreshed and said something like this, ‘God told me not to answer the critics.’  Wow, I was so excited!  God would surely speak to His prophets and give them direction. 


  1. From her who lies in your bosom Guard your lips.( Micah 7:6)


For several years, I suffered not knowing how to handle some issues which were actually driving me mad.  I did not know that the devil was observing all that I was speaking and immediately he was acting on it and using his agents to create havoc.  Evil time! Evil time! Understand the season of your life and shut your mouth.  Watch this, this scripture would blow your mind: Micah 7:6 ‘From her who lies in your bosom Guard your lips. – I want to stop here to allow the words to sink into you’ll – think, think, think!  Don’t even trust someone very close to you! Are you listening? Clamp your mouth.  The scripture goes on to say, ‘ For son treats father contemptuously, Daughter rises up against her mother, Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; A man's enemies are the men of his own household.’ Now, this is tough to preach here…….


 One particular family were having a problem with their son because he was into a serious relationship with a girl which was not acceptable to them; however, instead of silently praying over the problem, they were broadcasting the issue to the entire family circle, friends, church everywhere in the form of ‘pray for us.’  For some people, passing on a prayer request is easy than prostrating in front of the Lord.  Eventually the boy walked out of the house and got married anyway.  Anybody listening?

Guard your mouth:  Proverbs 21:23: “The one who guards his mouth and tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

Proverbs 13:3: “The one who guards his mouth protects his life; the one who opens his lips invites his own ruin.”


3. Jabber mouths


“Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent, discerning when he seals his lips” (Proverbs 17:28). Lets  rephrase this Proverb like this – “Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”


No wonder God gave a ‘gag order’ for the Israelites to shut their mouths for seven days, when they had to go around the Jericho Walls.  Our people are known for their big mouths for complaining, grumbling, chatting, slandering, sneering, mocking, lampooning and criticizing.  We do this awesomely well.  I went to a particular church because I love to hear that pastor preach, so after listening to a delicious sermon, I was waiting outside for my husband to bring the car, when I heard the church members gather in a circle right in front of the main gate and criticize the church service: The music for this song could have been better, look how he stood on the platform,  that tune was bad etc.  They were demonically guffawing after every comment, I walked away from that demonic presence, deeply burdened.  How could anyone do this after such a wonderful sermon!


Just today, I read this particular article from The Hindu dated 31/10/17 which I would like to share with you’ll about the ‘silence and focus’ of the Japanese. These Japanese people predominantly of Buddhist faith, believe in ‘focus of thoughts’  which is used therapeutically which I don’t want to delve deep though; however, I want to draw your attention to their will power to remain silent and control their thoughts and emotions.  After the end of a yoga class, idle chatter about weekend plans or the latest blockbuster movie is rare.  Instead, students, spend several minutes painstakingly wiping their yoga mats clean for subsequent use by others, in silence.”  Befuddled about the power they possess over their mouth, I  think of the children of the powerful God who easily spew gutter water from their mouth over each other – JUST AFTER CHURCH!


Just get into the parking lot of the church and there

we would be able to witness dirty dramas of flying

tempers and unbridled emotions – JUST AFTER CHURCH! 




James 1:26 ”If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and

yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless.”




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