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Holy of Holies
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Holy of Holies!

Exodus 28:35”Aaron must wear it when he ministers. The sound of the bells will be heard when he enters the Holy Place before the LORD and when he comes out, so that he will not die.”

Aaron the High Priest had to wear a robe that had tassels of a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe all around, when he walked into the ‘holy of holies’ to meet with God, the chiming of the bells was the only indication for  the people in the outer sanctuary to know that all was well ‘inside.’  I remember the curiosity of the people around when someone walks into the ‘boss room’ back while I worked; the computer keyboard would go ‘tap tap tap’ but all eyes and ears were on the door – what was happening there???? The moment the guy walks out, people almost swallow him with glares, so as to ask – promotion or send off party? I’m sure the people waiting outside the sanctuary felt the same way! There was high expectation of the High Priest who had gone inside to meet the ‘Big boss’, if it was promotion, he would come out, if it was send-off, then the chiming of the bells would cease.  Are you listening? The chiming of the bells would be like music to the ears of the people when Aaron victoriously walked out of the Holy of Holies with his face beaming and glowing I’m sure, and guess what, after such an encounter, the people would have a direct Word for them from God; besides Aaron himself, the people around also are blessed when one man dares to walk ‘inside’ to meet with God.  Glory!

Today, we all have the privilege of walking into the Holy of Holies!  But how many are passionate like Aaron to walk into the inner sanctuary? Not many.  We are addicted to work but impassionate towards God and His sanctuary.  We miss God for frivolous reasons! We would skip church even if it drizzles, if the car breaks down we blame it on the devil and give up church that day, we walk into the church unashamedly after half the service is over, not a bit convicted of our reckless attitude towards the House of God – no wonder many Christian homes are like war zones.  People prefer police station and High courts rather than the Holy court of God!  Are you listening?

Friend, not many would want to take the high risk of wearing a robe with a golden bell and pomegranate to meet God!  Many prefer to go in with Stone washed jeans and T shirt!  Lackadaisical attitude towards God is abomination to the Lord! I am not talking about your attire but I am pointing to your attitude towards God!  God wanted his kids to comply to His rules and get closer to Him rather than fear the rules and walk further away from Him. Are you there? Jesus said: John 12:46”I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.”  A person passionate and burning to see His Face would throw away everything for the experience!  I remember cutting to pieces audio and video movie CDs, tearing to pieces secular books that contradicted the doctrines of the Bible, I broke and smashed everything I felt that would hinder my intimacy with God, I said a ‘no’ to all TV programs that  hailed sex and robbed the presence of God – the rule was for everyone.  When I cancelled vacations at guest houses of the company, because there were huge idols, my kids were certainly hit hard by it – I stuck to my decision.  True children of God would flee from idols, sin, temptation and any form of evil!  Though it sounds surreal and fanatic but such should your determination be; otherwise you would be swept away by the gigantic like ‘Himalayan Tsunami’ of temptations that are strewn around.  Click here, look there, blink there are the whisperings of the demon – beware!  Fervently walk into the Holy of Holies!


HE is the Balm of Gilead!

What do you think made Aaron wear those clothes of the High Priest and minister to the Lord?  The golden bells and the pomegranates reminded him of death if he failed to comply with God’s rules; yet what made him passionately pursue God? Brokenness!  The death of his two sons Nadab and Abihu broke his heart to million pieces and the pain was deep and sore because they died by the Hands of God due to disobedience. If there was any ‘place’ that could offer him peace, restoration, forgiveness and comfort it was the presence of God! I am speaking to someone out there!  For people who have been beaten thoroughly and stripped of all pride and rebelliousness, there is no where else to turn except to the Holy of Holies!  I remember as a family (along with my school-going children and maid) fasting and praying for one whole week for an all-night prayer on Saturday - a crowd of seven people turned up for the meeting.  I wept on the platform!  It had humbled me, it ripped off all the unwanted stuff from me, pulled me down to my knees and it also turned my direction to a different city. If you feel belittled, unimportant or disrespected, God is speaking with you today! Arise, arise, arise and get inside His Sanctuary! I still shudder when I think of that night! When people did not care to respond to our call and come for the meeting, that was the last night-prayer in that city - God took us to another city. Jesus said,  Luke 9:5:If the people in the town will not welcome you, go outside the town and shake their dust off of your feet. This will be a warning to them."

What made Jairus pursue Jesus aggressively despite the huge multitude of crowd that engulfed Jesus? Death of his lovely daughter! Do you know how that feels?  When there is death in our home then we would run to God!  Death in the marriage, death in the business, death in the job, death in the life of kids would break us and take us to His presence.  We have a great barrel of excuses for spiritual barrenness and prayerlessness in our life: I do night shifts, I have two kids, my work load is much at the office, hectic schedule, I am sick and the list goes on…..  Don’t wait for Himalayan Tsunami to bring you to the presence of God!  Jesus watched the faith of Jairus, Jesus watched His determination, Jesus watched His patience and persistence and did something amazing, the Bible says, ‘Jesus arose, and followed Jairus, and so did His disciples.’ The little girl of Jairus arose alive! (Mathew 9:19)  Your sincere efforts and works of faith would be rewarded!  Jesus would come! But such ‘visitations’ are not for lazy couch potatoes! Are you hearing me?

Just hear the latest news of the flood ravaged Himalayan region: undeterred by the havoc caused by floods on the Char Dham yatra in Uttarakhand and the militant attack at Hyderpora in Jammu and Kashmir, many pilgrims from the capital have started registering for the annual Amarnath Yatra, and as much as 70 pilgrims have already registered for the second trip.  Flood, death, danger, uncertainty nothing seems to stop them from going on a journey to see a dark cave and an idol! I write this portion with deep burden and tearful eyes!  

I remember a servant of God fixing dates for a three days fasting prayer and the dates were fixed for mid-week, his close aids told him, ‘brother, if the dates are on working days then none would come’, he replied, ‘those who are passionate for God and who would want to get into the Holy of Holies would come at any cost!’

Glory to Jesus!

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