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Fasting - Glow from God - Part 3

Exodus 33:18 Moses said, "Please, show me Your glory." - Part 3

People rave about watching a movie umpteen times! The dialogues, music, lyrics everything gets registered in their mind.  Friend, what you crave is what you get! Now, after his first trip to Mount Sinai, Moses pleads, “show me Your glory!” In other words, ‘I want to see you again!’  Moses has had the best encounter with God, spoke with Him ‘face to face,’ yet he seems to be dissatisfied.  This is what you call as desperate passion for God! Well, one has to pay a price for this! Getting near the King, means moving away from the world. Got that?   Forego and depart from the cluster of this world, in order to have a one to one conversation with your God!


God would shut the lion’s mouth, when you separate time for Him and give Him the best of your life.  Today, when I visit many churches, the complaint of the pastors are that the women’s ministry has closed down, the youth do not gather anymore, the men’s fellowship has closed down, we do not have anyone to conduct Sunday school and so on….. Out of the 100 who get saved, only ten survive till the end, which means – hold your breadth - 90 are lost! Does this not mean anything to us? The rest fizzle out, due to pressures of the world.  All this breaks my heart, the reason behind all this is: we have failed to sit at His feet! 


Rick Warren said: Sometimes it takes years, but eventually you discover that the greatest hindrance to God’s blessing in your life is not others, it is yourself – your self-will, stubborn pride, and personal ambition.  You cannot fulfill God’s purposes for your life while focusing on your OWN plans.” 


The life of Moses took a spectacular change after his first trek up the mountain, to be  with God for forty days without food and water.  When he came down and found the people dancing and worshiping the golden calf made by his brother Aaron, Moses does something he had never done before: he took the calf which they had made, burned it in the fire, and ground it to powder; and he scattered it on the water and made the children of Israel drink it. He further rebukes his brother Aaron, "What did this people do to you that you have brought so great a sin upon them?" We find a different Moses glowing and flowing in the anointing of God!  He speaks and acts with authority received from God.  A man who has spent ample time with God, will not close his eyes when confronted with sins, he would blast and condemn it.   Leonard Ravenhill said: ‘When wrong is so sweet a morsel, the sin-soaked, sex-slain youth could not care less about doing right.’


Well, it is not enough with just pointing fingers on mistakes, we’ve got to go on our knees, fast and pray for their conversion.  As J. Sidlow Baxter once said: “Men may spurn our appeal, reject our message,  oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are helpless against our prayers.” Moses softens and gets ready to plead the case on behalf of the people and trek the mountain again the second time.  This is simply awesome!  When he climbed down, after spending another forty days, his face shone and dazzled!  Hallelujah! People were afraid to look at his face and when Moses summoned the leaders and the people, they came close to him and obediently listened to him.  When you have rubbed shoulders with the Highest Command of this Universe, surely His glory would spill on you. 


Somebody said: Falling in love with the Lord is the greatest romance; searching HIM, is the greatest adventure; finding HIM, the greatest achievement,; and being with HIM, the greatest source of happiness.



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