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Fasting - Glow from God - Part 2

Numbers 6:26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace." ' Part 2

The life of Moses mesmerized me, especially his journey on Mount Sinai to meet up with God is scintillating!  I passionately craved for the experience!  I would read the book of Exodus over and over again and allow the words to percolate inside of me, that I thought of nothing; but God.  You can call me crazy, besides my work with the bank, I had the Herculean task of handling my two kids, house work and cooking; yet, in the midst of it all, I was seeking His face. I thought of nothing but preparing to meet my King! I would stay awake in the night and read His Word, wake up in the wee hours of the day and seek His face.  I avoided crowd, I avoided unnecessary distractions, I kept my focus on Him - all the time.  Being an avid reader by nature, I kept reading the books of great Servants of God, which further ignited my passion for God. 


Well, something exciting happened during this time, people at my work place started looking at me differently.  People who earlier mocked at me, walked up to me and shared their private problems with me, they especially wanted to know the reason behind ‘that glow’ on my face.  I told them, the reason for it was Jesus! I would go out on pavements, bazaars, big malls, colleges, subways and distribute gospel tracts and share Jesus with people everywhere and anywhere.  Except for very few occasions, people stood and listened to me. I did this all alone! Once I walked into a hindu temple in a very busy area and gave the priest a gospel tract and shared my testimony with him.  He patiently listened to me and accepted the Gospel tract as well.  I would never venture to go out for ministry, without spending much time with Him. Even today, I fast and pray for several hours before walking up the pulpit to preach.  We can do nothing without abiding in Him! Try spending ample time with Him! Watch what happens! Man, it would show all over you! You would be like a city on a hill! Gorgeously Glowing! This message is surely going to stir some hearts today! Circulate it far and wide!  Take a print out and read it over and over again until it affects you! Take a day off, cut the fancy food, just take some tea and bread and spend time with Him.  Do this before December 31.  You would simply love it! Above all, God would be thrilled!


One young man locked himself without food and water in a room and cried, “Lord, I will not move until I hear you speak.”  Due to exhaustion, he dozed off, suddenly he woke up and cried, ‘Lord, I’m sorry, I will stay awake to hear your voice.’ After a while, he suffered from severe stomach pain, yet, he kept going.  A day passed, but nothing happened, however, he cried, “Lord I will never give up until I hear your voice.” Finally he heard the voice of God call him, ‘MY SON!’   That’s it!  He said, ‘that’s enough, I will serve you all my life for those loving words.’  This young man is now rocking the nations, he is an elderly man now, the Senior Pastor of ‘Fort of Praise Ministries,’ Rev. Dr. Ratnam Paul, the Pastor whom I admire and respect a lot.  When I feel dry, I sit and listen to his sermons.  He is full of fire!  Many missionaries have been birthed from his ministry.  This is what the presence of God would do in your life!  Fire begets fire! When Daniel was fasting and praying, God gave Daniel the great visions of the future. When John was on the Isle of Patmos, alone with God, he got the visions we have in the book of Revelations. In 1906, Sadhu Sundar Singh went to Tibet for the first time. That country attracted him, primarily because of the great challenges it presented against evangelism. There was strong opposition and persecution, however, “above all, high above the tranquil snow-clad Himalayan peaks, there will be a lot of time and opportunities to meet God and to read the Bible," thought Sadhu Sundar Singh.  Do we crave for such experiences with God? It is alright to send prayer requests to servants of God, but we need to arrive at a stage in our life, when we catch a glimpse of His glory ourselves, through our close relationship with Him. Isn’t that exciting? ( part 3 will continue tomorrow……stay tuned)



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