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Daniel fasting or partial fasting


Daniel fasting…


10:3 3 “I did not eat any tasty food, nor did meat or wine enter my mouth, nor did I use any ointment at all until the entire three weeks were completed.”


The book of Daniel starts with Daniel fasting along with his friends when he ate "no pleasant bread." He and three friends gave up sweets, meat and wine, consuming only vegetables and water--all the while seeking the Lord. (Daniel 1:12-13).  At the end of the 10 days, we see God gives victory for Daniel and his friends.  Later he fasts for three weeks, eating no tasty food,  in order to hear from God.  We learn valuable lessons from the book of Daniel who teaches us to humble ourselves in front of God and fast and pray for victory.  The book of Daniel is full of success stories because of Daniel’s steadfast prayer and fasting.


Friend, I think this is the right season for “Daniel Fasting”.  Everywhere I turn I find people struggling to hear from God, people struggling because of sins, lack of prayers and satan attacks.  We need to fight this battle not with flesh but through prayer and fasting.  Are you with me?

I had personally done this fasting many times and experienced great break-through and victories which were just fantastic. Whenever my family faced serious difficulties, we fasted and sought the Lord in humility and repentance. We thus experienced God's deliverance through fasting.  It also helps us develop self control by crucifying our flesh by saying “NO” to fancy food and also controlling our urge for food.  Remember sin started in this world by Adam and Eve falling for the urge to eat.  We need to discipline our lives by starting to fast right away.   Working and people at home can very conveniently do this fasting.

Caution! First remember, by fasting you tell God that He is the only answer to your problem. Do  not change the date of your fasting after you have started it.  Do not abort the fasting midway because of headache or stomachache.  But persevere and seek God. Satan tries to distract your fasting in many ways because he is scared when a child of God starts fasting and seeking God.  Your friends and relatives will discourage you from fasting, hence don’t listen to them.  Beware of satan’s schemes!

We must confess that we have become flabby, weak and self-indulgent. We must, therefore, learn what it means to deny ourselves and to learn self-discipline.

How do I do it?

Eat only bread, vegetables, and fruits.  Now everything  to be restricted to the minimum.  You cannot eat 5 apples a day and call it fasting. Just  one fruit, small quantity of bread and vegetables.  All fancy food, snacks, non-vegetarian items to be completely avoided.  Drink a lot of water during fasting because you may develop headaches during the first few days.  Do not stop but compensate with lot of water.

Remember to repent and confess your sins before you start your fast.  Most important you cannot have bitterness towards anybody and expect God to answer you.  You need to reconcile with people before your reconcile with God. 

Keep a list of prayer points and diligently pray everyday seeking the Lord.  What are you waiting for, start right away!

God moves with FASTING!




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