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Tips for fasting

Tips for FASTING:



  1. You can give up your breakfast or both breakfast and lunch and take one meal a day.  Pray and take a decision.


  1. Keep your prayer points ready, write everything that you want to ask your Heavenly Father.  Fasting and prayer tells Him that you are serious about depending on Him and that He is the only answer.


  1. Start your day definitely with prayer in the morning, submitting all of your prayer requests.


  1. Do not allow anyone to advice against fasting, it may even be some spiritual person or some one close to you. 


  1. If you are giving up two meals, you can have some light drink in the morning, avoid thick juices or fruit, just crucify all of these desires. If you are giving up one meal, then avoid taking any drink. In the evening before you break, please pray and then break the fast.  Do not eat heavily when you break the fast, go slow.


  1. To avoid headaches and body aches, please drink plenty of water during the day. 


  1. Satan tries to magnify your fatigue and tiredness and whispers into your ears to give up fasting and tells you that you can compensate by praying more.  Do not pre-maturely break the fast. 


  1. I have done every kind of fasting while taking care of cooking at home, working in the office and also taking care of my two children.  Now in full time ministry, I am able to fast even better.  Please do not be deceived by the lies of satan, you can do it.  Fasting is not meant only for people in the Ministry, every Christian is supposed to fast.


  1. I strongly recommend you to discipline yourself by fasting once a week.  If you are a parent, please teach your children to fast and pray and help them to overcome the world and its wickedness.  First, you set an example.


  1. If your family is going through a serious problem of  any kind, I suggest that as a family from elders to young ones, you humble yourself by fasting and submitting your supplication to Him with thanksgiving and faith.


  1. If you are in any particular bondage or sin and you are unable to get out of it, it may be habitual sins, relationships, attitude etc., I strongly urge you to FAST AND PRAY.


  1. If you are unable to make a decision regarding some area of your life, fast and ask God for His guidance.  Be ready to listen to whatever He tells you.


13. There are many out there who may not have a holiday on Saturday; however, you can    still fast on a working day.  I did my best fasting while I was working for a multinational bank and serving the Lord in part time ministry.  HE IS OUR STRENGTH!





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