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Importance of fasting - personal testimony
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Lord, touch my family please………….

 “………your fasting may not be seen by men but by your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” Mathew 6: 18

Let these WORDS OF JESUS echo in your heart today!  What an awesome promise for those who fast, but sadly Christians have failed to realize and use this powerful key to miracles!  Some of you have loved ones who’ve heard the gospel countless times, but they’re still away from God. The fact is, you can put the truth right under their nose but they can’t see it because of the darkness. They need a personal touch BY GOD for the TRUE LIGHT to penetrate the deadly darkness.  Don’t try to win the battle by debating, arguing, crying, screaming – win it in prayer! PLEAD, WEEP AND CRY out to God until He shines His light into their life and they can see.  Remember they have been in darkness for too long, it needs the POWER OF GOD to tare this darkness and reveal JESUS TO THEM.  Friend, FASTING WITH PRAYER moves the heart of God!


I have shared some of my personal experiences during my spiritual journey, they each could transfer to your context and bless you.  I was the first one to be saved at home, my husband would watch me lifting my hands, speaking in tongues, rejoicing in the Lord and praying for many hours together.  My husband bewildered and astonished though, at the change in me, remained hard and argued with me over certain things.  I determined my heart to fast and pray for him. The very first year as I read the Bible, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the power of fasting and I started fasting immediately after delivering my miracle boy, who was the reason for my salvation.


I set aside Wednesdays to fast and pray for my family.  I would just not stop with fasting but I would wake up early start the day with prayer and also end the fasting with prayers. Since I was working for a bank then, sometimes the work would be hectic, but I would set aside time to definitely pray.    Mark it, God does not change circumstances without accomplishing His purpose of changing YOU.  After a year of fasting and prayer, my husband got saved and then the fire spread in our family engulfing many more extended members of our family – most important among them are my mom, mom-in-law, sisters, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and much more.  


How do I fast?


  • If are a beginner, you can start with just giving up on one meal.
  • List out very clearly as to why you are fasting, do not do it haphazardly, tell the Lord the cause for your fasting.
  • Particularly confess your sins and keep yourself open for the Holy Spirit to correct you.
  • If you have grudges in your heart, your fasting goes null and void, please reconcile with people before you reconcile with God.
  • Never postpone the date you have set for fasting, satan tries his best to do this, stand firm. 
  • Do not let slight illness postpone the fasting, remember Jesus fasted for 40 days and Moses fasted for 40 days twice without food and water.
  • Remember to drink lot of water while fasting.
  • Most important, as much as possible avoid advertising your fasting, keep yourself fresh and active.


Remember, if you are a chiristian, you should start right away to learn to fast.  The reason  many Christians do not have power to resist satan and they fall too often is BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW TO FAST.  Come on now, learn to say NO to food and start fasting right away!  Never just stay in the beginners stage, move towards doing greater things for GOD. 


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