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Isaiah 43:2”When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”


SO you're waiting for the heat, anxiety, angst and chaos to settle down so that you can operate in a cool atmosphere?  God in the above scripture never said that He would remove the fire or water but He promised to be with you when you go through them, say Amen.  God expects us to get into the heat, mess and dirt and start working.  Some of us feel ‘tranquility’ is the sign of God’s stamp on a particular project or work, but I have found out that when you enter into the will of God great opposition, obstacles and demons come against you, that is a clear indication that you are in the center of God’s will. I have almost seen people jump and come against me, that was enough to let me know, 'keep me going Bala..' Hallelujah!


My friend from London one day called me over phone and said,'  Bala, here the climate changes suddenly, I just came out for shopping but suddenly I am surrounded by fog, I am so upset.'  I told her 'get adapted to the weather where you live, keep going..'  She now still lives there and also works there, so roll up your sleeves to work instead of complaining.  Fog or no fog, keep moving.....


 Florence Nightingale in 1954 was sent with a team of 38 volunteer Nurses to care for the British soldiers fighting in the Crimean war.  When she arrived at the hospital, she was confronted by stiff opposition from male British officials initially who refused to allow them to work.  However, Florence swung into action by organizing soup counters and making soup for the soldiers using her own money and thereby she won the hearts of people.  She and her team also went about scrubbing and cleaning.  Don't wait for opportunities to come to your lap, find one or create one, anybody listening? 


God has invested in your life with education, skills, experience and knowledge not to wait for the fog to clear but be courageous and confident to work while it is still dark.  Did not God say, 'my Word is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet?'  Let me give you an illustration: When aircraft fly inside clouds or fog, they fly under "instrument rules", Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR), this is based on radio beacons, waypoints and airways, as you can see on the chart. It doesn't matter whether the visibility is reduced (at night) or totally blocked (in a thick cloud), this mode of flying simply assumes the crew has no external visual reference, they fly solely using indications given by on-board instruments.  Likewise friends, when your path looks blurred and misty , you need to have the RULE BOOK with you and follow instructions so that you arrive safely.


I hear many say, "I am waiting for Covid 19 crisis to exit so that I can start operations", who knows when this crisis would end except God, tell me. God started and He is looking for changes.  Some are even scared to say this from the pulpit for fear of losing congregation members. No wonder God started closing church doors because nothing much was happening in some places anyways.

Mikes were given to Celebrities who were not mentally stable and just for money, pomp and thrill, pulpits were handed over to the wrong people.  God is angry!


Besides Church, we are running free School and hostel for the underprivileged children, School and hostel are under lockdown now; however , along with my husband I go there every day to maintain the building and also keep it kicking.  Two days back I found NO water in the tank, it was dry.  So there are NO children, NO teachers(except few)less funds and now NO water.  I looked above for Trumpet sound from God but found none, but heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit say, ' keep going, keep moving, keep trusting because I have not LEFT you!


I write this on a day of fasting and prayer  from my garden at home. Hope I helped someone out there…..

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