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    Wrestling match with Heavenly Dad

Wrestling match with Heavenly Dad

Wrestling match with Heavenly Dad

Wrestling match with Heavenly Dad

Wrestling match with Heavenly Dad!


Let Me go……….


Genesis 32:26"………..Let Me go, for the day breaks…………."


Who do you think said these words? God to Jacob!  This scripture arrested me!  I kept meditating until I got choked with emotions! I kept reading the words of God over and over again….let Me go…..let Me go….let Me go…..!  Jacob replied, ‘"I will not let You go unless You bless me!" Man, this is too profound and deep to speak of!  To start with, I wrestled with myself whether I would be able to bring out the intimacy in words aptly!  I have tried, though………..


Can we get ‘that’ intimate with God so as to hold HIM in your grip?  We live in an era when we spend moreeeeeee time interacting with people through text messages on Face book rather than face to face talk with people around you.  We passionately witch hunt for friends we do not know and flaunt them on the Face book wall, while we hardly have time to smile with dad, mom, husband or wife back at home.  Grandmoms get to touch their grandchildren through Facebook and play with them on Blackberry mobiles; gone are the days of playing hide and seek or wrestling matches with the kids.  All such are archaic games today!  Surely, with all the multi-facet advantages of computer advancement, it does have heaps of drawbacks too…..We aggressively keep in touch with ‘unknown, strange friends’ but have forgotten dads, moms, uncles, aunties, granddads and grand-moms!


With plethora of power point presentations, swanky videos, books and scripture teachings today, I guess we spend more time studying about GOD and getting to know Him through revelation of someone else, rather than get hold of Him ourselves…..rather than HOLD HIM TIGHT IN OUR ARMS, UNTIL HE PLEADS………….’let Me go….!’  This devotion should blow your heart into pieces….. for God…..!  We have been living mundane, dumb, religious, boring and monotonous lives for long; let’s get passionately crazy for HIM today! Jacob said: “For I have seen God face to face!” (Genesis 26:30)


Observe this, it was time of ‘fear, darkness and uncertainty’ in the life of Jacob, he had fled from his home of more than 20 years with his uncle, along with his huge family of wives and kids – pretty eerie period.  Do you think God would abandon Jacob, when he had listened to God and taken the decision to take this risky journey? Never!  He knows your fear and watches your tears! It was God who approached Jacob that night when Jacob was forlorn and alone!  I guess, Jacob poured out His heart at His feet and sobbed aloud!  Some of us need a good cry at His feet!  I do that and come out refreshed and charged rather than seek comfort in mere humans.


Now observe these words, ‘when He saw that He did not prevail against him, He touched the socket of his hip; and the socket of Jacob's hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him…’ Let me put in simple language: ’when God saw that He could not free Himself from the clutches of Jacob, He had to slightly touch Jacob’s hip and thus it got dislocated and remained so the rest of his life.’  May be you wonder, ‘hey, can any man overtake God and be strong enough to pin Him down?’  When my son and daughters were kids, they would love to play games with me, because no matter what the game may be, they won; in other words, I pretended to be less smart, and allowed my kids to win!  They would be thrilled on defeating me; but for me it would be joy to be defeated by my kids. I love to see that twinkle in their eyes and that mischievous grin spread all over their face!  What makes us think, God would be any less affectionate towards His children?  Tell me. God permitted Jacob His kid, to prevail over Him! Amen.


My children are grown up now, tall and strong; nevertheless, they play different games with me now, they pounce on me and pin me down on the floor.  Believe me, it hurts, both of them would demand for a share to be over me; all three of us would be screaming, finally when the ‘passionate wrestling’ is over there is bound to me bruises from the match; but we giggle over it.  God touched Jacob and left a mark on his socket as a ‘mark’ of their passionate, loving roll they had on the ground.  I wonder where they rolled!  The place does not matter, though, when you are playing and rolling with GOD!




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