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    Stop calling man as God!

In a recent function, Olympic bronze medallist, Saina Nehwal said:”I am really nervous and can’t speak much.  For, the ‘God of Cricket’ is here.”  Well, Saina used a borrowed expression when she called Sachin, ‘God of Cricket’, now, it is not about Saina or Sachin, it is about the weird phrase ‘God of Cricket!” 

May we all call Bananas as “God of fruits!” I’m sure you would think that I’ve gone Bananas to write this!  Why not? When there are so many descriptions and phrases that could be used to praise and exalt Sachin Tendulkar for all his achievements and accomplishments in the field of cricket, why should one call him ‘God of Cricket?’ Why not call him ‘Giant of Cricket’, ‘Stalwart of cricket’, ‘Epic-hero of cricket’, ‘Living legend of cricket’, ‘Maestro of Cricket?’  This is no exhaustive list for a man whom I would call as ‘Monarch of Cricket.’  Are we bankrupt for words that we use phrases like ‘God of Cricket’ to praise a man, however great he may be?  Very soon we would be having a huge list of gods like: God of Muscles – Salman Khan, God of looks – Shahrukh Khan, God of Automobiles – Ratan Tata, God of Yoga – Baba Ramdev and so on…....

Why do we so hastily and easily immortalize men and make them gods? Tell me.  We have plethora of ‘swamiji’s, babaji’s, sri sri sri guruji’s flaunting themselves, as much above mere men, so why do we add some more to the ‘divine crowd?’ It sure baffles me as to how people so flippantly compare men with god?  We salute, we hero-worship, we prostrate in front of human beings, but alas, we have failed to fear God and give God the worship that is due for Him!  Are you listening?  Take a look around the country and then you would know what I am talking about!  We find more garlands on the politicians and huge masses prostrating ‘power’ rather than paying respect to God..  Fear of losing the ‘powerful seat’, fear of failure and lust for power is the reason behind the fake salutes.

Let us fear God and not drag His name in vain.  We would never fear men and be knee-shakers if we have feared God. Judges would never be behind prison, men of IAS ranking would not be counting bars if they had feared God.  We have fear of cancer, fear of earthquakes, fear of famine, fear of economic collapse, fear of draught, fear of lizard, fear of cockroaches…except fear of God!  Are you hearing me? 

I know the atheists are now itching to blitz me.   We have made men into gods, we have burnt enough incense sticks to men, but we have forgotten to have pure, clean aroma in our respective lives.  We don’t have to spend crores of money for rain puja, if we have lived a clean life.  We have even dared to bribe gods with ‘exorbitant pujas’ and induce rain.  We so easily drag god down from His throne and swap His name with human beings because we have failed to comprehend His power, magnificence and divinity.

All elaborate worship and festivals would be naught if we do not give Him true reverence in our daily life.

God is incomparable.  God is immeasurable.

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