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Revelation through the Daily Delight Devotions.....

Hello Sister!


I am writing this email to you in a state of complete surprise and wonder and gratefulness to the LORD for answering my questions and doubts through you. I had been receiving your daily devotionals since more than a year. But it is only lately, that I have been paying close attention. 


It must be the divine work of God, that whenever I have doubts or questions about where He is leading me in life, your devotional puts things into perspective very specifically. For instance,  just an hour before I received the devotional titled 'Keep Rowing', I was 'venting' unto the LORD. I was telling Jesus about how confused I was about work, how demotivated I felt, nothing was turning out right and I felt utterly discouraged to even pick up the textbook....I complained about how disrupted my academics has been and wondered where He plans to take me... ( I am an engineering student in my second year) 


And then, when I opened up my laptop to listen to a worship song, I ''accidentally'' ended up opening Gmail and decided to give your devotional a hit. And right there, I found my query addressed. 


I want to thank you for your dedicated service to the LORD who is certainly using you mightily. I have seen the work you've been doing towards raising so many underprivileged children and have gained much inspiration from learning about your struggles. I hope this mail encourages you to keep growing in the LORD and serving Him all days of your blessed life. I feel it is important that we encourage each other this way, just as Paul did. 


May our LORD Jesus Christ, bless you and your household :)

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