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Jesus can fix this broken world
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He will save His people from their sins….

Mathew 1:21”And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins."

In the past few days we have witnessed many gruesome incidents not only in our country but around the world that has shaken us tremendously!  During this hour of grim darkness and sadness, it is the duty of Christians to comfort and spread message of encouragement for people who are emotionally upset rather than add spice to the horrific episodes of rape and murder and stir hatred and cause commotion.  We are surrounded by horror!  No two ways about it!  This is the hour to pray!

  • When a pretty woman along with her six year old son, came to me sobbing that her husband was having an affair with another woman, I recommended her to fast and pray, she asked, ‘how could this save her marriage and chase the woman away?’ After a year of prayer the woman did run away and the marriage was restored.  


  • When a young girl came crying to me that her dad and mom were both drinking and ignoring her and her brother, I prayed for her and asked her to cling on to Jesus.  God did comfort her.   


  • When an educated doctor told me that her husband was sexually abusing her and many other horrifying things which I just cannot mention, while her two daughters were at home; I wept and prayed for her and also comforted her through the words of God.  While I visit villages, I get to hear many more ghastly atrocities meted out on women, that is the reason, I started ‘Abide Public School’ to educate the children, so that they can stand on their own feet.  


  • Three year old kid’s father, pretended to take the daughter home, but took her away from our school and vanished for three days, just to take vengeance on the wife.  The kid had been wandering on the roads with her father aimlessly.  We do have such beastly fathers who torture and rape their own kids. 

We live in evil days. True. I repeat, instead of talking, writing and debating, let us do our bit to save the society. Anybody listening?  Youngsters are energetic, extremely over-confident and at times ignorant of the beasts – we got to lovingly caution them about the prevailing evil in the society.

We watch wicked politicians smiling and waving out to the crowd from the prison, unfair business practices, racism, extreme poverty, dishonest government, dirty politics, family breakdown, cheating, stealing and what not…..it stinks, it is evil, it is terrible, it is unfair, it is chilling, alarming.... YET, it is now, in the midst of such chaos, that we as Christians should arise to comfort the people.  Pray for them.  Pray for the girl who was raped in a moving bus in Delhi, so that she would get emotional healing, pray for the families who have lost their kids at the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, US...

The crystal clear agenda of Jesus Christ was announced to Mary: He will save His people from their sins!  He is our Savior!  This is the good news to this broken world!  This is the good news to every broken heart!

He saved me from the miry clay! He picked a weak, wobbly, wretched woman like me to speak about His glory! I praise Him! Fear not! Cheer up!  There is hope in Him! He will save this world! The ultimate remedy is with Jesus!

Merry Christmas to you all from Bala!


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