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Blind leaders!

(Devotion written in 2012)

Matthew 15 :14”Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

Whenever I travel to a certain city, a young woman finds out the details and promptly attends the meeting without fail.  She actively participates in the meeting but, but….she stubbornly and secretively has a ‘nonbeliever’ in mind and is strongly bent on marrying him.  My umpteen messages on salvation and not to be yoked with nonbelievers had not entered even the top layer of her heart. God calls such people rebellious people: “Son of man, you dwell in the middle of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” (Ezekiel 12:2)

The scripture from the first book of Kings struck me strongly, read:

1 King 11:2”…You shall not intermarry with them, nor they with you. Surely they will turn away your hearts after their gods."  Do we need anymore confirmations?  Bible should be our instruction manual! If someone advises you outside the Word of God, then that is ‘evil counseling.’  Mark that!

Read the explanation of Apostle Paul regarding this: 2 Corinthians 4:3-4: “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

God can only speak to a heart that is prepared to listen, obey and pay a price! Are you listening?  Friend, let me explain this to you, if you have already fixed an appointment to take a loan to purchase an item and if you are also praying about God blessing you with it, mark it, God would never reveal His will on the subject. Greed for the ‘commodity’ and desire to have it immediately rather than wait for God to bless you with it, makes a person to make plans for the purchase but then pretend to pray for it. Many of us hurriedly and greedily rush to do our will but pretend to be doing His will. Jeremiah 7:24 says, ’Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their evil hearts, and went backward and not forward.’ This scripture aptly describes the heart of today’s generation. Listen!

After three days of convention meeting, a sister came to me with tears and told me, ‘I have been misled by Servants of God that it was okay to go in for loans and now I am neck deep in debts.’  Besides taking a loan for building a house, she had also borrowed to start a small business.  Alas, she has been deceived by blind leaders!  Friend, I know of a pastor who arranges loan for the congregation members; why do you think such things happen? Fear of losing the members.  He tries to build the church through such tactics.  There are several false prophets, false teachers, con men in religious robes floating around and leading the people astray, read the Bible for confirmation, do not be deceived. Beware!

God has pronounced a curse on such blind leaders, read this, Deuteronomy 27:18’Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way. And all the people shall say, Amen.’ Pastors who give water baptism to people living adulterous life and also churches who assist people living in sin to get married are all blind leaders who are cursed by God.  Beware!

But friends, are we also not to be blamed to blindly believe what people say, no matter who they are? A good knowledge of the Bible is essential that would help you walk in the right path. Psalm 119:105 ‘Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.’

God’s Word should be our anchor, Psalm 119:89’Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven.’

SHOW IT IN THE BIBLE, should be our way of life. 

Beware of FALSE TEACHERS….(written in 2007)

Deuteronomy 13:1” If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder, 2 and if the sign or wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, "Let us follow other gods" (gods you have not known) "and let us worship them,  3 you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreame

Never before in history have there been so many false teachers and teachings in the world.  It seems everywhere you go there is someone touting a new theological point of view.  I am sure you must have all heard about the charming new guru Ravi Shankar who calls himself His Holiness and the Messiah.  He mesmerizes the crowd with his husky voice and the whole Chennai town  in India are running after him and the Anna University has given him the auditorium and recommended that every student get enlightened by him to live a stress free life. My heart breaks to see the whole town running after the con man and doing what he says like blind and stranded sheep.  The guru started his teachings by making them chant “Om”.  Then the devotees were asked to walk like elephant, horse, cow, monkey, peacock, donkey, camel, swan and then roar like a lion.  The obedient crowd which was comprised of educated doctors, MBA professionals and other learned men too, duly obliged and did all that the guru said. This is authentic news from the Indian Express dated December, 8, 2006. Friend, does not your heart bleed to see and hear all this.?? The recipe for PEACE AND JOY is so simple yet we see the world doing crazy things to achieve this.  Jesus asks the world to just BELIEVE HIM and nothing more.


We should all be warned ourselves and warn others about the wide spread of FALSE PROPHETS and evil workers.  Do not just entertain anyone who calls himself as a Christian or entertain anyone who carries the Bible.  Just watch this, 2 John 1:10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him.11 Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work.” Be careful of Jehovah Witness who will come to your door step with Bible in their hand and they all have calm and divine faces, do not be deceived.  Be attached to a strong Bible preaching church and fellowship with strong believers.

Our greatest weakness is not recognizing the work of Satan in the world – the Bible says he masquerades as a being of light – but that in reality he is a lion seeking whom he may devour.  It is easy to fall prey to a preacher or teacher who promises health, wealth, happiness and joy.  The only way we will be able to discern the real teachers from those who are false is by disciplining ourselves to the study of His Word. Are you listening?   We need to know what this Bible says and spend time in prayer about what it means. “If all you get of the Bible is what the preacher gives you on Sunday, and you don’t ever study it yourself, be warned today your spiritual life is decaying and you are an open ground for satan’s attack.

Why do you think so many false teachers have been allowed to sneak into the church? Why is it we see so many people leaving the Church to go to these cults and false religions?  It is because most people are not reading the Word for themselves, and deceitful men begin to spoon feed them ‘LIES’.

Invite your friends to these devotions, to know the TRUTH!


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