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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

Pound foolish

Daniel 6:2”……that the king (Darius) might not suffer loss….”

Have you heard of this statement, “All brawn and no brains”? This means, ‘to have great power or physical strength but lack mental acuity or intelligence.’  Another one, “Penny wise and pound foolish”, careful about small amounts of money but not about large amounts. This exactly describes king Darius and also many ‘smart-computer-era-smart-phone’ generation.  Anybody listening to me?  I saw a smart, young, woman engineer who was sitting near the window seat in the train working on her project up to 12 midnight and then dozed off with her laptop on her chest and earphones plugged to her ears – snoring away to glory, unaware that her laptop (along with the project) could be stolen if luck does not favor her since she has already thrown ‘caution’ out of the window.  

Coming back to king Darius, from the opening verses of chapter 6, we see that he was quiet shrewd and calculative, he appointed 120 satraps and also 3 presidents over the 120 satraps to supervise them so that he might not suffer loss. This guy was smart to calculate the loss in terms of material resources but was foolish to allow his soul to be corrupted.   Daniel being one of the three presidents and also the fact that Darius was considering to make Daniel head over the entire kingdom reveals the brainpower of Darius because he was able to see the ‘potential and goodness’ in Daniel.  Smart boss! 

When Daniel’s colleagues heard of his favor with the king, they boil with jealousy and plot to fix him; however, since they were unable to find any fault in Daniel, they now approach the problem from a different angle.  The devil saw the weakness inside king Darius, and that was his PRIDE!  The devil knows your weakness, he provokes the satraps, presidents, leaders, ministers and princes to invoke a law that prohibits people from worshipping none other than the king himself, this seemed good to the stupid king.  Imagine people from 5 different ranks gathering to kill a righteous man, but if God is for you , who can be against you?  Clap hands for God!  How could this smart guy be so foolish as to allow his subordinates to take an important decision and also make him sign in it?  The Bible says, 1 Corinthians 3:19” For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God…”  

Knowledge-seekers and globe-trotters need to understand that without the knowledge of the true God they become silly fools.  


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