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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Sneak peak of the enemy
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023

Sneak peak of the enemy

Numbers 23:13-Then Balak said to him, "Please come with me to another place from where you may see them, although you will only see part of them and will not see all of them; and curse them for me from there."

The enemy is always sneaking into our life and family and conniving to bring disaster and evil on us, be aware of that today! Caveat! Look at the above scripture, the pagan king Balak took Balaam the prophet and showed him an aerial view of the tents of Israel as they were camped and just pointed out only a part of them and said, ‘curse them.’  These words kind of startled me and I wanted to share this devotion today and warn you that the eyes of the enemy are roving over you and all that is connected with you.  Did not the Bible warn us:” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”(1 Peter 5:8) Observe here, the devil is like a  roaring lion and looking for someone…..how easily we forget this warning!

Remember, the devil is looking at your children as they go to school and come back, as they play with their friends.  The devil is plotting to bring evil upon them,  the devil is trying to put lust in your eyes and make you sin, the devil is bringing greed in your heart and he is provoking you to buy new, new, new gadgets and products so that you might fall into financial mess….much …much more.  Did you know people get a kick (like drugs) out of every new purchase they make?? This is also from the devil. Resist! Again I say resist. Let us stop buckling down to pressure, it is time to be doers of the Word, you need a certain amount of grit and resolve to power through these moments and triumph over the temptations.  Be careful!

 In the above chapter from Numbers, we see that Balak the enemy does not give up on cursing the people of God, he is changing his methods each time he fails; therefore, the enemy doesn’t give up, he changes the carrot and comes to you again and again to tempt you. Yes, I can hear someone say, “the Lord is watching over me” I agree, true, but don’t be careless in your prayer life.  Are you listening? Having people intercede for you is great but it should never override the place of personal and regular times of commune and fellowship with God. This message comes as a warning!


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