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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Amazing dedication
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Jan 16, 2023

Amazing dedication!

Numbers 7:2 ‘Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of their fathers' households, made an offering (they were the leaders of the tribes; they were the ones who were over the numbered men).’

◆ The chiefs and princes brought their offering/Leaders got to be an example.
3 they brought it before the Lord,  at the end of verse 3 it says, “before the tabernacle.” They had  taken lot of efforts to come to the tabernacle, for the presentation of their offering. Amazing dedication!

These words amazed me because we now live in an era, where believers think million times to even attend online, zoom services. Some prefer zoom so that they can skip offering. I have preached in zoom meetings where all the participants have their video closed, people join and leave as they like. I was preaching to black boxes, I wonder even if they're in the zoom. Utter chaos!  I felt like logging out, I just had to calm down and preach. The heights of this comedy was that , the pastor who invited me also had his video closed. Ah, This chapter spoke of the past dedication of the people of God.

Look what they brought: “they brought their offering before the LORD, six covered carts and twelve oxen, a cart for every two of the leaders and an ox for each one, then they presented them before the tabernacle.”

Wow, this is huge , heavy stuff, you cannot thrust 12 oxen into a bag and carry it to Church, they had to be brought carefully, divinely to the tabernacle.  I don’t know about you, but every word made huge impact on me because today people think 1000 times to do an online transfer of funds, because that requires registration of the name of the organization then they need to wait and do the transfer.  The entire process may take ten to fifteen minutes which believers are not ready to spend.  Many hesitate to do laborious work for the Lord, tell me the easy way is what they feel.

Our cheerful attitude should convey to God that HE IS THE SOURCE OF OUR BLESSING.  Say Amen.

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