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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023


Hebrews 13:17”Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.”

Are we ready for spiritual accountability? No way. We are stiff necked, boisterous, rebellious lot that needs no correction or monitoring.  We don’t like interference.  Are you there?  We don’t like to be asked why we are late to church/office or  why we did not turn up for a prayer meeting.  We like our way; yet, yet and yet….we expect God to show up at our beck and call! There’s a long way to go for our church and Christians to be teachable, humble and approachable.  
Decades in comfort, complacency and  a cool pulpit that speak only ‘blessings’ have cushioned the church, Christians and Christian workers from rebuke, scrutiny and accountability! Unaccountability of Christians is manifested in the rise of divorces, adultery, rebellious kids, court cases and demon attacks on Christian homes.  We have failed to respect the Church and Pastor, we are busy gossiping about the pastor and his family,  hence we suffer!  God said: ‘submit to the authority of your leaders who keep watch over you!’ Amen.

Children are accountable to their parents, they should humbly submit to their authority and obey them according to the will of God. Exodus 20:12”Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”  Wives! You are accountable to your husbands and as a child of God patiently submit to his authority according to the will of God.  Ephesians 5:22 “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.”  Now, if the husbands love their wives deeply as mentioned in Ephesians 5: 25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her..”, then automatically wives will love their husbands.  Mark this point.  

Christians be accountable for your spiritual growth!  Let me ask you, how much of the Bible have you read last year?  Are you disciplined in your prayer life?

Romans 3:19”……the whole world may be held accountable to God.”


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