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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022


Matthew 20:3”..Standing in the market place doing NOTHING..”

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The words that they stood in the market place doing NOTHING caught my attention today, don’t we see that today also.  Despite drug peddlers spreading venom among the young people and killing the society with drugs, we as believers don’t EVEN pray for this. Am I right? We do nothing despite this menace in the market place.  We see adultery smoking all around us in our office, college, church, neighborhood; nevertheless, we don’t lift our little finger against this. Not my business is our attitude, until one of our own family members fall prey, am I right? We do nothing.  Christians are busy watching BIG BOSS serials day in and day out, while the devil attacks the minds of young people to commit serious crimes. The owner looks at the IDLE men standing doing nothing and told them, “you also go and work in my vineyard..” Jesus looks at each one of you this Christmas season and tells you’ll, ‘you also go and spread love..” Amen.

Did you know, God-lovers would eventually become Servers? How could you not serve Him, if you are filled with love for Him? Love for people would follow after you start loving God.

Rev. Billy Graham said:  “When you come to Christ, He transforms you. You receive a power to love men, beyond your natural ability to love”. I started prayer cell during lunch break at the bank where I worked, our office and people began experiencing God in a new way. I emphasized about fasting, prayer and Bible reading and taught them to do it in a systematic way. I came down heavily on people who were lazy and lethargic in this area. On the very first year after being saved, we started our ‘all-night-prayer” service at our home, which started at 10 pm and continued until the next day 5 am. I’m sure many of you would say, ‘Ah!’ We are ready to do ‘night duty’ but never do we want to do ‘night prayer!’ I am speaking to someone out there! I wanted Christians to move from their comfort zone and get deeper with God. I would preach for about four hours in the night and many who attended those meetings are now serving God with the same zeal. When something combustible touches fire, it starts to burn as well. After five years of part time ministry, when God called me for full-time service in His vineyard, it was never, never hard, because by then I was totally sold out for God. Nothing on earth could woo me away from Him!

My message to you today, there is work all around you, don’t you ever say, “ I am not called for ministry” , least you can do is gather as a group and do intercession for this lost world.


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