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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Nov 04, 2022


Matthew 17:1 Six days later Jesus *took with Him Peter and James and John his brother, and *led them up on a high mountain by themselves.

INTRO: Takeoff is the phase of flight in which an aircraft goes through a transition from moving along the ground (taxiing) to flying in the air, usually starting on a runway. During this phase, the engines are run at full power during takeoff, now the pilot begins to climb higher and higher, at this stage he has to put full force. At the beginning of the climb phase, the wheels are retracted into the aircraft and the undercarriage doors are closed. This operation is audible by the passengers as a noise coming from below the floor.

Now I am going to share something exciting, following take-off, the aircraft has to climb to a certain altitude (typically 30,000 ft) this is called CRUISE ALTITUDE, from here the plane can cruise economically, smoothly, sweetly and coolly. Wow! I am already excited as I write this…

This New Year 2021, we should make all efforts, we need to have the propelling force to climb higher and higher until we get to this CRUISE ALTITUDE. How does one get to this cruise altitude spiritually?


There are no other short cut methods; however, the prayer, fasting and reading the Word that I am going to talk about would be on a higher level that requires you pray a price, are you ready for the TAKE OFF? Put on your seat belts….

In the above scripture, we see that Jesus selected just 3 disciples: Peter and James and John, to take with him up on the mount of transfiguration, not everybody can come with you, that requires dedication and determination. What makes you think going with Jesus to a high mountain would be easy? Tough Mentors produce strong disciples / followers! Strict Principal produces good students with good character! Anybody listening? I am talking about going to a higher dimension, you cannot give any excuses while climbing higher with Jesus, that's exactly why He took only three with Him, who would listen to Him, obey Him and be alert too.


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