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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022

Do you not yet understand or remember?

Matthew 16:8 But Jesus, aware of this, said, "You men of little faith, why do you discuss among yourselves that you have no bread?9 "Do you not yet understand or remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets full you picked up?

This is an absolute cozy conversation of a Heavenly Father with His children, when He chides them for forgetting His past wonders and miracles that they saw first hand, Jesus said why do you worry about the bread that you forgot, don’t you have ME with you??? This question comes to each one of you today, is God not sufficient? Amen. Whatever is the pain, agony, loss that you are experiencing right now, Jesus is enough to compensate that loss, are you listening?

Friend, Jesus asked them two things in the above verse, “Do you not yet understand or remember?’ Wow, you can see His pain and frustration behind those words, even today many of us have forgotten what He has done in our lives and we crib and complain of what we don’t have today like the disciples. 

ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF GOD: Isaiah 1:3 "An ox knows its owner, And a donkey its master's manger, But Israel does not know, My people do not understand."

The ox and the ass are probably selected as the least intelligent of domesticated animals, have we not heard phrases like” don’t be an ass, don’t stand like a cow”, alas, even these dumb animals recognize their master but the people of God do not understand and know their GOD. We can see the frustration and almost literally feel the tears of God. Can you? As a principal running a free school for the poor in our community in Hyderabad, I have watched the tears of many parents who had invested their all for their children but only to find them wicked and careless. The children of God and the Christian community is nothing better today, they want money, house, marriage, children, fridge, AC, good night sleep but do not want to lift little finger for God. Shame!

A young woman joined Abide School as a cook and as I stood with her supervising the work, I would share Jesus with her, she shared her testimony that awed me.  After the first 2 girls were born, her husband wanted to divorce her because she was not able to give a boy.  Both the mother in law and husband connived to divorce her, during this time, this woman met a Christian lady who prayed for her and spoke of the love of Christ and forgiveness.  God did a miracle, opened her womb and gave her a boy too, this woman never kept vengeance in her heart but forgave her husband and mother in law.  When she was working with us, our entire family tested COVID positive, this woman took good care of our entire family and said, ‘Jesus gave me this opportunity to serve His servants’. Glory to Jesus! This worshipper of idols remembered with gratitude the goodness of God and she reciprocated it with her service, how is our life today??





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