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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Oct 16, 2022

Exalt your horn

1 Samuel 2:10”..He will give strength to His king, And will exalt the horn of His anointed."

Someone asked me, “sister, how do you manage Abide School, Angel Home, your family, writing work, ministry work and so on?”  Well, it is team work, my family is my backbone; however, there are things which did daunt, haunt and taunt me, during those times, I should frankly tell you that instantly I did not accept the challenge or smilingly accept the work, some of them were tough, hard and strenuous, but eventually I finished them.  Administration, house-keeping, file maintenance and cooking are odd combination of work and yet I had to manage – no escape; sometimes you may feel, ‘hey, I was not trained for this’, ah, that’s training ground friend!

After several years of ministry, I still question God about my capability and ability and few days back, I was facing some health challenges, so while reading the book of Samuel, I was just talking within myself to God and said, ‘Lord, the work before me looks gigantic and colossal, would I be strong enough to do it” – BANG, came the reply: “ He will give strength to His king…” Wow, that was direct, spot on answer!  I felt immense relief!  God can change that doctor’s report and bring back strength in you, He would empower you at the right time to carry out the work…..cool friend, not to worry.  Are you listening?

Let me tell you my experience, when my son was an infant and I was working then (20 years back), I would carry him over my shoulder, tip toe out of the room, get into a separate room and drop on my knees to pray…Since my son was just a few days old baby, I would keep rocking him and talking to my Lord. I cannot express my joy in words! I would have slept late the previous night after reading the Bible in the quietness of the night; yet, nothing could stop me from waking up early to meet my Master. May be you ask me, ‘from where did you get such strength?’ From my hot, passionate desire to be with Him at any cost! There are many out there, who give excuses to pray: I come very late from work, I have two children to attend to, I feel weak, my family do not cooperate and so on. “Frivolous excuses are the language of prevailing slothfulness in religion said Mathew Henry.”

My struggles, my pain, my loneliness, my tears have been my launching pad to get STRONGER!  


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