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Share Jesus
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Oct 13, 2022

Talk about His deeds

Psalms 105: 1”Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples.”

Once we taste the love of God and His goodness, how could we be silent? Tell me.  The world needs to know, taste and experience the love of this awesome God, if not us, who would tell about our Heavenly Dad!  People would not be running behind crazy TV shows, reality shows, movie starts and other vain things, if they only knew this mighty savior,  God would turn the direction of their life in a jiffy.

The above chapter opens with ‘Give thanks and then goes on to say, make known His deeds.’  When I was working for a multinational bank before joining full-time ministry in the year 2004, besides the afternoon lunch prayer cell that I was doing, I went on outreach ministry to nearby commercial complexes, shopping malls and I  distributed gospel tracts and also shared my testimony of healing and my encounter with Jesus.  People listened to me attentively and also accepted Bibles and Gospel flyers.  I would walk on main road, interrupt people suddenly and tell them straight away, ‘I would like to share the love of Christ with you’, some would give an irritated look at me, few amusingly listened to me.  People astounded by my boldness have asked me, ‘how do you do this?’ My answer, ‘my passion/craze for Christ!’ I still do this whenever/ wherever possible.

Today people just dash to church late and leave hastily without even smiling at the person sitting next to them, such is the selfish attitude of people.  Even today, I always look for opportunities to quickly share the Gospel with the lost.  I carry pocket-sized Bible with me, stickers, book markers for young people and thereby I will try to connect with the people.  Recently when we went to the whole-sale market to buy books for Abide School,  I had smuggled small telugu Bible inside my handbag, when the owner was not watching, I quickly gave the sales women each a Bible, which they silently received and kept it in their handbag.  The world is hungry for Truth, will you take a risk, sacrifice your worldly pleasure and share Jesus with the lost????

Speak of all His wonders! (verse 2)


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