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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022

Mental attack

1 King 17:14”….I, even I only, am left, and they seek my life, to take it away."

I must tell you  today, we need the insight to identify the demon, since the devil is taking everyone for a ride! Caution! You cannot deal with a demon (inside a person) by fighting, only prayer works.

I never expected a wonderful woman whom I know, to suddenly react crazily and emotionally over a small ‘word’, misunderstand the entire issue and leave the place in a huff. Things kept building up and I was left shattered! The next few hours was miserable as the devil kept pounding me with negative and discouraging thoughts. As I decided, ‘I’m not going to that place anymore’, I knew and I knew the devil was cutting me away from people who are precious; yet depressing thoughts kept flooding my mind. Now listen to what happened next, the same woman called me very casually on the same day and said that she was out shopping and she was sorry for what happened few hours earlier. What! She had washed her face, put things behind and had gone out to entertain herself while I sat in the dark reminiscing over an unwanted stuff! I felt stupid. I punched myself really hard for being so naïve and vulnerable to the attacks of the devil. Let us guard our mind!

The devil is hounding for a way to attack you, isolate you from godly and helpful people, make you hopeless and miserable. Caveat! Such misunderstandings is bound to happen in ‘team work’ be it secular or spiritual, hence we need to calmly analyze the situation. In family relationships, be careful and never allow the enemy to sow discord, rectify the situation immediately instead of allowing it to snowball into something big. Are you listening? Sort it out calmly and immediately rather than giving the enemy a foothold to further aggravate the issue.

Imagine prophet Elijah who brought fire down from heaven so powerfully, suddenly felt that he was the only one left and everybody was against him; such are the thoughts of the devil. He was running away not only from Jezebel but also from ‘everything’ that God had in store for him! The devil would attack your mind so fiercely and severely that all you would want to do is run away from the situation, it may be from your own family, Christian ministry, job, business or from anything that you had worked very hard. Run, run, run, run is what he would instigate you to do whereas, God wants us to run, run, run to Him and stay in the race. Cheers!
You have not come this far in your marriage to give it up now, do not give up on your kids, that dream project of yours would be accomplished if God is in it, do not put in your papers too soon, stay in the race friend, wait upon God even when you feel things are not moving. Walk by faith and not by sight!


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