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Dont camouflage
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022

Alive or dead

Revelations 3:1”I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.”

This is a prophetic word coming out today, accept it as from the Holy Spirit, examine your life and repent, instead of trying to camouflage your mistakes with arguments and debates.  God knows it all!  God will make the right person read this, especially this is for people in ministry and in key positions.

I had the opportunity to minister to very remote villages during the initial days of my ministry and it has been a great learning for me, even till now.  I have watched ministries grow and ministries fall disgracefully, which has sent a chill up my spine.  Many Christian workers who were daringly disobedient are no more today, they have died.  Let me tell you about one particular village and the pastor, God had blessed him immeasurably because of his hard work, boldness and burden for the poor.  A very rich man in that locality gifted him a portion of his land and built a beautiful church for him also.  When I visit this particular church, I would stay in the church for  3 days and minister to all the churches in and around that place.  During my stay close to the pastor’s house, I noticed that he was very lethargic about his prayer life, his wife was not spiritual too.  A close look into the lives of the believers overall revealed that they were dead too.  When the leader is dead the flock would die too, I understood God’s purpose in sending me to this place.  I counseled both the pastor and the wife, a big theatre was given to them to conduct prayer meeting by a rich woman of that village.  I told the pastor and the church that lot of prayers has to be sowed before meetings are held in the theatre; however, pastor was very careless.  One day while we were ministering in another place,  I heard him tell one of the elders, just do 5 minutes prayer before you start the church service.  What? 5 minutes prayer?  I was alarmed!  Eventually the theatre left his hands and recently I heard he also handed over the church administration to some other ministry.  Alas, I saw the ministry and the pastor  fall and collapse right in front of my eyes, not one many……

Friend, if the church, pastor or someone’s life is crumbling down  it directly points to the leader who has not been alert and he has ‘allowed’ disaster creep in.  If someone is causing chaos in the church, the scoffer should be removed instead of allowing the problem to snowball into something catastrophic. 

Examine your personal life, your career, your family and your home, are you in the perfect will of God, do you invest lot of prayers, fasting, Bible reading and do you maintain a close relationship with God???? Think.  Here comes a warning today!  Many start gloriously and pompously but they fall drastically and shamefully because they failed to maintain the glory and they were  careless!!! God gave a full theatre fully furnished  to be used for his glory but this pastor failed to invest hard prayers and retain it, he lost it. 

Fragments of errors done little by little suddenly would boomerang back and cost great loss, it would bring you downhill and to nothing.  You might think no one knows about you cheating your wife, you are deceiving yourself, one day God would expose it.  There would be no escape for you!   

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