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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jun 15, 2022


John 4:28”So the woman left her waterpot, and went into the city…”

5year old boy who did not eat properly at home for one whole week, joined our Abide School, free school for the underprivileged kids.  On June 13, reopening day, I cooked ‘pulihora’ (tamarind rice) which is a favorite food in Hyderabad, the city where we stay.  The little boy ate all the food and emptied the plate, when the mom came to know about it, she was excited and she almost jumped near the school gate.  The story is not over here, she shared the good news about our school to her neighbors, accompanied another poor family, brought the family to our school and joined another little boy also in our school. This is what Jesus calls as ‘spread the good news’.  Not many of us do it though, we are content with going to church and coming back to eat our biriyani on Sundays.  When would the world know about our Savior Jesus Christ?  These little boys who joined our Abide School would now hear Gospel stories everyday in the assembly, sing songs and would learn discipline.  This is church! Hallelujah! (Click ABIDE SCHOOL to know more about our School)

The woman of Samaria who lived with many men, met Jesus one day and gave her heart to Jesus in one single visit, wow!  The Bible says that she left her water pot behind, and went inside the city to spread the good news of Jesus and invite them too to meet Him. Revival happened in that city because of one single woman who cared to go to the very people who mocked her, ostracized her, abandoned her and tell them about Jesus.   Because of her ministry the whole town came to know of Christ. This is what Jesus would do to a lost soul, are you listening? Bring the world to Jesus today, circulate the devotions, invite people to your church, zoom meetings and introduce them to good Christian ministers who will lead them to Christ. 

Leave the water pot behind: Many of us are holding on to our ‘water pots’ and neglecting the most important task of spreading the good news.  I am busy, I have to take care of my family,  no time, I am not talented to do it, I am afraid, I am shy and so on; today, let this message stir you to stretch yourself in order to impact the world with the good news of Jesus through prayer and your testimony. Rev Billy Graham travelled around 280 countries and shared the good news of Jesus Christ from the age of 19.  He was not with his wife Ruth Graham even during the birth of their first child.  This is passion for Christ not empty words with no action.  


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