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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Saturday, May 21, 2022



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Exodus 17:14 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and make sure that Joshua hears it, because I will completely blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven.”

The victory over the Amalekites was remarkable because they fought at a time when they were clearly disadvantaged and in a vulnerable position.  Their faith was low and their mental stability was very weak; however, God used few anointed men like Joshua, Moses, Hur and Aaron and as a team they ambushed the Amalekites. Now after the victory, God told Moses, ‘write it down and make sure Joshua hears all that I say now.’ Wow, that is a Father-heart! Joshua was the key fighter in this battle so God wanted not only to encourage Joshua but also indicate to him that he would be the next leader.  These words were like booster tonic for Joshua!  Don’t we all need words like these now and then to propel us to great heights? Words like: If not for you, we could not have made it ……..would actually give you wings to fly. Let us be generous, liberal and lavish in appreciating others, not just at their funeral ceremony but while they are still alive.

People of this world are ready to squash your spirit and smash you with their rude, wicked words but God would make you hear honey-sweet words that would energize you.  Say Amen.  While I preach the Word in the School assembly in the morning for my students, I would purposely speak loudly so that the workers and the teachers would hear it too.  Many teachers of other faith have told me that they were encouraged, warned and strengthened by the words in the Bible. We need to cleverly innovate strategies to make the people of this world hear the gospel and know the Truth.

Friend, why are you worried about the project that you have to complete, the giants that you have to face at work, the mockers and scoffers that put you down and the doctor’s report that seem to haunt and daunt you? Why? Fear not! There is none on this earth like our God who would find ways and means to strengthen His children and get them ready to face the battles of life! I repeat NONE like HIM! He is simply adorable!

If my son Joshua needed encouragement, all I had to do was talk encouraging words about him to somebody loudly so that he hears:’ Josh is just an awesome Keyboard player and a hard worker!’ This is just enough for my son to roll his sleeves up and get to work! God would do the same for you!You shall hear!



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