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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Leaning on Jesus


John 15:5 says, “I am the vine, you are the branches, he who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing.”


Do you know what it means to abide in Him? The English dictionary defines ‘abide’ as’ hold to and stick to.’ Spiritually it means to ‘stick on to Jesus, hang on to Him and stay in Him’. Did you get this? There is a tranquility about it!


I’m so glad God saved me from dead religion, rules and regulations, and put me in a relationship with him. “Being a Christian is not just believing about Christ but it is a vital , dynamic, living relationship with the living Christ” said Rev. Billy Graham. Dear friend, I am not satisfied sitting far away from Him, I want to be on His lap and spread all over his bosom. I am excited! Now watch this! While others sat far from him, John is the only disciple that ever heard the Lord’s heart beat! There are times when we cannot stand, but I am glad for a place to lean! This is His last night, but John is the only one who sat close by, while the others were arguing over who would be first in the kingdom, John was leaning on Jesus’ bosom, all they could see was themselves and one another, but all John could see was Him. While Peter was making lofty and brash promises, that he could not keep, to be faithful to Christ until death; John was leaning on Jesus’ bosom. While Judas was counting his money; John was leaning on Jesus’ bosom. While some were finding fault, John was leaning on His bosom. While the others listened to themselves and one another, John was feeling the Lord’s breath, listening to His heartbeat, feeling the warmth of His love. Dear reader, let these words pour fuels of ‘passion’ into your heart so that your love for Him burns vigorously. I am keen on setting some souls on fire for God! Are you listening? It is enough that we have been watchers of revival and hearers of past revivals, now let us get closer to Him, lean on His bosom, hear His heart beat and bring the world closer to Jesus. Are you ready? Only as we get closer and closer to Him, can we get the world closer to Him. Where are you sitting today? Are you at His feet like Mary or far away like Martha? Mary made the right choice that Jesus said, “Mary has chosen that good part. (Luke 10:42)


The words “Abide in Me” (John 15:4) stirred and touched my heart that I was not able to proceed further. There are certain scriptures in the Bible which creates such an impression in our heart that even after many, many years, we remember them vividly for the mighty changes that it had brought about in our lives. I am sure you would agree with me! This scripture is one of them, for me! It motivated and triggered me to get deeper with God! The launching of a rocket always thrilled me, I remember as a kid watching the rocket crackers as they zoomed into the sky and sprayed fire in the sky. Aha! That was superb! Real rockets are based on the principle of propulsion. Fuel is burned inside their boosters, which produces the gas. The gas builds up the pressure inside the booster and escapes through the nozzle. The gas escaping produces an opposite reaction force, which sends the rocket upwards and into space. A force is required to launch the rocket, likewise, I can say that this scripture is like that ‘force’ for me, to surge rocket-high for God. (Later, we called the Revival-fire-camps that we started in Chennai in the year 2010 as “Abide-in-Christ-Revival-Fire-Camps and also we named our Free school for the abandoned kids in Hyderabad as ‘Abide School’ in 2011.)Click HERE to view our ministry.)




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