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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Dec 31, 2021


1 Peter 2:2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation..”

Before-Takeoff Flight Checklist

  • Auxiliary fuel pump — Off
  • Flight controls — Free and correct
  • Instruments and radios — Checked and set
  • Landing gear position lights — Checked
  • Flaps — As required
  • Seat belts/shoulder harnesses — Fastened
  • Parking brake — Off ..etc

I’m sure you are confused with all the above strange terms, yes, this is Bala Samson, this article is no error, 100% meant for you! Above is the checklist for pilots before they take off; yet the accident record shows that some pilots don't follow the checklist.  We are on the last day of 2021, December 31, do you understand how important it is to check your life today before you enter New year 2022?  Many of our prayers are unanswered, may be because we have not prayed enough, may be we have not forgiven enough, may be because we have ignored the Bible and we have spent more time on social media.  Check it out!

Without working out the principles in God's word you can never take off!  Status quo life is a dead life!  There has to be changes in your life, you need to go from one level to another.  Right from your eating habits, sleeping habits, talking habits, prayer, Bible reading and fasting  must go through changes.  Well, you have a choice to stay in your old ways and never bother to grow in the Lord , that life is an abomination to the Lord.  Many Christians do not have goals of completing the Bible or going to the next spiritual level, today I encourage you to make resolutions for the upliftment of your life.

Sit, talk and rub shoulders with people who are growing spiritually and mentally.  One person can be a change catalyst a transformer in any situation, any organization.  Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf.  It requires: vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage and faith to be a transforming leader.  God bless you!Give God a shout of praise!

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