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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Dec 30, 2021


Romans 16:12”…….Greet the beloved Persis, who has worked hard in the Lord.”

Click HERE to watch the video of this sermon preached yesterday.

I am talking today of working hard for the Lord! We live in a madcap world that work the whole night and sleep the whole day – with no time for self or family. What about the harvest that comes from the labor? ZERO! Cost of hard work and unceasing work has been much today: alcoholism, divorce, stress, strain, unhappiness and what not! Money would meet every criteria of economic and worldly success, except one – You can’t buy peace with it!

As I read this portion about ‘Persis’ of whom not many have heard of; yet, she is remembered by God for her hard work. We read of ‘Persis’ in the Bible because of her hard work! Apostle Paul would not have mentioned the words ‘ hard work’ if she had not done something phenomenal! Let this devotion inspire each one of you to stretch yourselves for God. We live in a small circle of ‘me and my family’, please go beyond – there’s much to be done in the vineyard of the Lord. If you are computer savvy, pitch in to help your pastor, church team, Christian ministries in that area, expecting ‘no returns’ sow into the work of God, chauffeur people to church if you have a car, start a prayer cell at your work spot and help people who are facing severe pressure – do something.

Rev. Billy Graham has been special for me because of his amazing life! He got saved at the age of 16, went to study Bible college at the age of 18, preached his first sermon while still in Bible college, besides this, he preached minimum 8 sermons on a single Sunday regularly. Phew! He preached in a big crusade in 1944 for 21 weeks at the age of 26; after marriage, he left his wife behind with her dad and mom and went on to travel many countries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is hard work! Are you listening?

We give umpteen silly, lame excuses for not being able to attend church or prayer meetings; but today I am talking about jumping on fire for God. Nothing can stop you if you love Him madly! When we were having fasting prayer meetings, some people would travel from far distances to attend our meetings, my heart would ache to feed the crowd. Arranging food caterers each time was an expensive affair, I decided to cook myself. I actually had to travel to a different city with all the equipment necessary for the meeting and at the same time cook on the day I arrive. My family felt it would be a tedious job for me; yet, I endeavored to do it. On an average, every month I would cook full meals (rice, curry, vegetable and sweet) for more than 75 poor people, after cooking, I would walk up to the pulpit to preach. Little did I realize that God was preparing the ground in my life to feed huge poor kids in Hyderabad! Today, be it prayer meetings at our church, cooking meals at our School or any function - I am well trained.

I know and I know that my devotions are reaching the in-boxes of busy bees working hard in the corporate world; that’s okay, pause to work hard for the Lord.


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