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Hi friends
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Saturday, Dec 25, 2021

Dear friends:

Update of our ministry:

December 25, at 12.30 afternoon we were on the road as a family on Christmas day( as usual) to distribute food to the poor and homeless.  The first person said, ' I am smoking to kill my hunger', our joy was boundless to feed such hungry crowd.

When I gave cake to a homeless woman, she in turn came forward to feed me that piece. Priceless moment!  In the sweltering heat children gladly accepted our cake.

Outreach ministry on December 25, 2021!
Distributed chicken biriyani, cake, towels and woollen bedsheets to the homeless.

Click HOMELESS OUTREACH to view our ministry

Click ABIDE SCHOOL to view few pics with students

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Thank you for standing with us! God bless you!

Your sister,

Bala Samson

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