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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Dec 17, 2021

Camera man

Psalms 63:7”Because You have been my help, Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.”

(I wrote this sermon on February 14, 2016, it would bless you today)Stress, work pressure, late-night work, targets, projects, uncertainty, cut-throat ruthless competition and what not have severely wounded the spirits of people; the question now is what they’re going to do about it. The world cannot get peace without Jesus, because Jesus in John 15 said, ‘you can do nothing without me.’  We seldom run to God for help, we try every other source other than His Sanctuary don’t we? Fear rules the hearts of people! Anybody listening? Get ready for His Word that would rejuvenate and refresh you today: HE IS OUR HELPER!

It is in the wilderness, when all the other props vanish, that we realize: while everything else may fail; His help, support and presence is everlasting. Amen. David wrote the above scripture in the wilderness, not many of us can sing in the desert, can we? We live in a world that promotes you to cling on to materials, worldly system, modern techniques and skills for help.  I would like to share a testimony here: very meticulously about several months ahead, we started praying for the camp which is called ‘Abide-in-Christ’ camp where we train soldiers for Christ.  Right from the pulpit decoration, to the food caterers, boarding, favorable climate – everything was on the list; there was one point squeezed in between and that was ‘cameraman’.  We had been praying for several years and God had finally given us a wonderful, professional camera for our ministry but now in the new city we were not able to find an operator, since my husband would be preoccupied with other important things, we needed someone solely for camera operation.  Shooting the sermons were very important hence we were praying for that point everyday – did you hear me say ‘everyday?’(Click HERE to view photos of this camo)

Until the very last day we were not able to find one, on the first day of the meeting, a team of youngsters had come from Chennai to attend the meeting and one young man came hesitatingly to my husband while my husband was busy getting the mikes ready for the worship (this was happening on day one before the first worship) and asked, ‘who is operating the camera, I am a professional and I operate the camera in a church in Chennai which is one of the biggest church in Asia with 30,000 members.’  My husband told him, ‘take position, and go ahead with the job!’ God will provide, His name is Jehovah Jireh!


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