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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Jan 10, 2021

Smell like the Cedars-Part 4

Hosea 14:5….his fragrance like the cedars of Lebanon.

Hey friend, I am not talking about the superb deodorant that would vanish after a while, I am talking about the ‘spiritual smell’ on you that would be like the cedars of Lebanon, you will be an aroma for Christ wherever you go.  Are you listening?

Friend, when you have huge outstanding bills to pay and your neck deep in financial crisis; yet, during this time, when you open your hands and give your tithe and offerings to God – Jesus would say, ‘she/he has done a beautiful thing to me and she smells like the cedars of Lebanon.!

When you skip a night party and attend an all-night prayer service – God would say, ‘she/he has done a beautiful thing to me and she smells like the cedars of Lebanon!

When you control the urge to buy the latest mobile and when you help a poor kid pay her fees – Jesus would look at you and say, ‘that’s a beautiful thing you have done and he smells like the cedars of Lebanon.!  When you chauffeur  a bunch of poor kids in your car for shopping, Jesus would look at the joy on the face of those poor kids and He would say, ‘you smell like the cedars of Lebanon.!  We seldom see  such ‘BEAUTIFUL’ acts or smell such cedars these days!  We have self-centered people who think about nothing but themselves.  Come on, look at the needs before you today!

During a particular season in our life when we did not have regular cooks and workers in the school, yet we had to run the show, I pitched in to cook with fire wood, those were days we were suffering financially too.  At the end of the day, my clothes and body would smell of smoke and it was a painful job, but I just couldn’t escape.  I worked for nearly two decades in the most reputed and posh corporate companies and the last one being with a multinational bank but then I had to go through rough terrain in my life.  However, friend, God is not going to be a silent spectator of your troubles, He did bring a remedy (though not immediately) and now we have the BEST workers. 

Recently my helper working in our home told me few days before Christmas,”madam, I am going to clean the entire house, outside and inside but let me tell you I don’t want any money for it.” Such a darling!  You would get such workers and God would put an end to all your misery.  Even during this COVID 19 lockdown period, we have teachers who are doing zoom classes for our students, our School is maintained well with workers working for us and I have helpers for me at home too.  God is good, get encouraged today friends. both my children are serving the Lord now.  God would never forget your efforts! Smell like a Lily and the Cedars of Lebanon today!( the series of devotions I wrote on Hosea 14:5 gets completed with this devotion)


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