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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Saturday, Jan 09, 2021

Cedars of Lebanon…Part 3

Hosea 14:5     I will be like the dew to Israel; He will blossom like the lily, And he will take root like the cedars of Lebanon.

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Now this going to bless you!  Normally, the Lilies as fast as they grow, they also fade quickly and they can be plucked easily; however, with God as DEW on them, no one dare pluck them, they will take root deep like that of the cedars of Lebanon.  Wow, rare combination, that’s what God does in your life!  Hey, this beauty cannot be hidden!


You will be like the gorgeous white Lily above, tall, dainty and exquisite but you will not be unstable and feeble but your roots will be like that of the Cedars. Strong! Anybody listening? The roots of the Cedars are very deep, upto 20 feet and they never stop growing deep, they keep getting deeper and deeper.  Say Hallelujah! God would make you like those Cedars that never stop growing...... You can awe people with your growth and success!  When the roots grow deep, then you flourish and give fruits.  The Bible says that Joseph was fruitful bough, Gen. 49:22, such fruitful people get the inner man stronger and stronger and also their mind gets renewed.

A young boy from the local slums started attending our weekly meetings, he got so moved by the Gospel that he tore all the cinema song books and surrendered his life to Christ.  They were idol worshippers and his father would beat him for attending prayer meetings, nothing deterred him though.  He started attending our night prayers and would get beaten in the morning for not going home.  He would stay back after the night prayer meeting and would help us pack up too whereas the others would be busy drinking tea and chatting.  We gave him immersion water baptism, gave him a new name and he also started attending a good church.  Story not over, he became the Sunday school teacher of that church, after few years he became the Sunday School Supervisor, my son Joshua who is a pastor now, also studied in his Sunday class.  After few years, he came and told me that he was going as a missionary to Varanasi.  As I write this portion, it has been 3 years since he left and I spoke to him yesterday over phone (January 4, 2021) he said, “ I have started more than 10 home churches, organized many prayer meetings and I am praying for a church building now. “  I am proud to be his spiritual mother!  The Lord said, ‘YOU WILL LIKE THE CEDARS OF LEBANON!’

COVID 19 situation  would not have happened if every believer is like a cedar tree, isn’t it?  Churches should conduct Bible Study, night prayers, fasting prayers, Intercessory prayers,  and concentrate on making such Lilies and Cedars that would adorn the city rather than fruitless, barren trees. 

Note:  Reading the Bible is the DEW through which we grow, otherwise believers are stunted and eventually they fall away.


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