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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Pure and holy
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Jan 08, 2021

He will blossom like the lily …… Hosea 14:5 -n Part 2


Just like how ‘dew’ has a lot of meaning attached to it, which I talked about in part 1, likewise the word’ Lily’ also has profound truth behind it, let’s explore. Boy! I’m blessed by this scripture!


When God is DEW for the believers, despite their problems, trials and present situations, they would grow tall and flourish like the Lily, which is beautiful and the growth of lily is very quick and speedy.  Likewise, new converts would get passionate and grow speedily in Christ.  They would not be ‘couch potatoes’ in the churches, coming as guests every Sunday but they would become servers for the Kingdom of God.  They will be ministering in Sunday classes, canteens, volunteers and choir.  Wow, how lovely would be the Church if we believers grow like this LILY!

Once when I went to visit a pastor at his church on a Saturday, I found a man in his shorts washing the church, a close look at him revealed that he was the pastor himself.  I had to wait for full one hour until he finished, alas, such is the case of the church today, people hop in late and rush out fast; however, we need Lilies that would serve the House of God.  Also the flowers represent purity, it is God who washes you with His blood and purifies you.  Say Amen. 

No matter what your past is, God is able to make you as ‘PURE AS THE LILY”, say Amen.  God was talking to the backslidden Israelites and He was encouraging them to return to Him so that He can be like DEW for them and make them pure as a Lily.  Wow!  Share this friend with someone who has a low esteem about themselves and tell them it is God who  makes them pure as a Lily.  Did not God include Rehab the prostitute in His genealogy list?  Clap hands for God will you?

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