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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jan 06, 2021


Dare to solve

Daniel 2:10” "There is not a man on earth who could declare the matter for the king, inasmuch as no great king or ruler has ever asked anything like this of any magician, conjurer or Chaldean.”


When the project is tough, have you watched people raise a unified voice and say, ’this is too tough nobody can do this’, this banded voice is actually to sabotage and hush the talent ( if it may be among them) that may be actually buried in the bush.  They can’t do and neither do they want others to do is the attitude.


King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which troubled him tremendously and so he called the magicians of the palace to tell his dream, this guy was not asking the interpretation of the dream only but also wanted his dream to be revealed, pretty hard job though.  When the boys in the palace were unable to help the king, they gave a statement that NONE on the face of the earth can do it.  Undeterred of the situation and the evil that filled the place, Daniel went in and requested of the king to give him time, in order that he might declare the interpretation to the king.  This is sheer guts!  Daniel trusted his God to help him out and also knew that nothing was impossible with God.  Daniel gathered his friends together and called out to God for help, then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision.(Daniel 2:19) Is anybody listening to me?


Do not panic when you are confronted with a complicated issue, but brave yourself to solve the issue with the help of God.  Let me share a complex issue that I faced in Abide School (school for the poor that we run), with 100 percent faith that we would get our class 10 permission granted, I had enrolled students into my school but to my shock my application was rejected and I had the responsibility of putting my students in higher classes, the schools had already opened and admissions were full in other schools.  I cannot keep them, which would be wrong, they were not a few but around 7 students in my hands, suddenly I remembered an officer , so I called him and gave him the entire picture.  He miraculously gave me an idea and all the students were smoothly joined into another School in proper manner and they have all now completed high school and have also joined inter colleges. 

So when you are in a responsible position, there would be sudden snags and snares that would glare at you, dare to solve the situation prayerfully and bravely.  I just shared a small testimony of the mountain like  problems that I had to face in my ministry. 



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