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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020

Sorry, I was late by two minutes!

Matthew 5:48 "Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

A retired teacher with 25 years of experience joined our Abide School to teach telugu, she is such a pet, I tell you.  Just having her around was such a blessing, after school I chat with her about the food she gives her pregnant daughter-in-law, her 80 her old mother-in-law, her 75 year old mom and dad and her lover boy son.  Yes – hold your breath - all of them stay under the same roof, despite all the commitments that surround her, she slips away from home to teach our students. 


A few days back, just before going home, this teacher came to me and said, ‘madam, I was late by two minutes today, please forgive me’, I was taken aback.  What! While I watch Christians walk in late to church every Sunday despite warning them through announcement, through sermons, through video clipping, through slide show, through subtle ways, direct ways and all ways possible on earth! (Sigh.); yet, they continue because of their hard heart.  An idol worshipping elderly woman,  who does not have to slog it out and work at this age, remains committed and punctual because that is her ‘LIFE STYLE.’  Did you’ll hear me say that?  Punctuality, honesty, integrity, commitment, determination, reliability, uprightness, holiness and loyalty are their way of living.  I wish we change.  Where is our witness please?


When I request a Christian for Christmas drama practice, he ducks and never even informs, youth leaders who are supposed to be witnesses are careless, lethargic, indolent and not properly equipped. I’m talking about prayer, Bible knowledge and fasting; I know I’m stepping on someone’s toes right now. I’m scared when a Christian calls and tells me, ‘can I meet you sister for prayer because invariably they would turn up one hour late and not be very apologetic about it.’  Today I make sure I get a ‘sure word’ before I commit myself to wait just to make sure I don’t waste my energy on unnecessary stuff.  Believers go to church, hear the Word, read the Bible, pray and yet, procrastination is norm for them.  One particular pastor said, ‘tell the church members that the prayer meeting is at 9 am only then they would at least come at 10 am.’ Believe me, this is true.  Politicians are much better.  You can throw cricket bats at me for saying this, but that’s the fact.

I would like the words of my teacher to ring in your ears, ‘madam, I’m sorry, I was late by two minutes!’ Have anyone of you told this to your pastor?????You disrespect church, the leader and the rules but you expect LORRY LOAD OF BLESSINGS? How?


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