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Narrow Roads to a Higher Ground
Now we are relieved and happy on arrival of our second baby Graceson. But this is was not the same 5 years ago. When I was diagnosed with heart muscle disease which expanded my heart that my heart was beating less then my 2 year old kid. Doctors where sure that I wont get back to normal and recovery would be very hard. Personally I felt I need His grace no matter I live or die. I prayed for my faith to  be strengthen and He was so faithful that he carried me through my recovery to the surprise of my doctor. I was informed that I would not be able to have another child.But God has given us our second child and my wife was conceived. Glory to Jesus!
We had our first child prematurely during 8 months in to pregnancy so doctors said this would have complication and as my wife was in her 30's so this would also increase the complications. But we hoped and prayed. But around 37 weeks we had very same symptom of premature membrane rapture which was cause for our first baby's premature birth we got admitted immediately to labour ward. We where left alone in a room after the doctor confirming the same, but wanted to monitor for few hours.We hold our hand and cried for few minutes, then we assured ourselves the God is with us whatever be the outcome he would strengthen us to go through. Now we felt peace and his presence. Kept us long for 3 days Doctors who inspected her first felt they might be wrong with their decision, but we are sure that this time God would allow us to have full term baby we praised. Doctors suggested to operate prior, but we kept things in prayer.God allowed both mother and child to do well till her appointed time Feb 13, 2016,  exactly same day 2009 we had our first child separated by 7 years, God Blessed us with a baby boy. BOTH OUR CHILDREN NOW  HAVE THE SAME DATE OF BIRTHS!  Miracels happen to those who believe and trust HIM!  Though  it seemed like we were traveling through narrow roads pushed from all sides, but really now we feel He has brought us to a higher ground. Praise God Amen.  
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