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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Marvelous things
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Nov 13, 2020


JOB 5:9 “Who does great things, and unsearchable, Marvelous things without number”

The afflictions and loss that Job went through in his life are enormous, the Bible gives us this book, so that we also get encouraged during times of extreme crisis and derive strength from the life of Job.  Who can ever survive after the loss of property, prosperity, children and after everything caves in on you?  Hang on, the book of Job talks about survival of the fittest, Job endured the pain, burns, humiliation, wounds of friends and finally made it to the grand finale.  You can do it too friend!

In the year 1999, the doctors told me I cannot climb staircase because of complications in my uterus during my second pregnancy; however, I had no place to go and I was working for a multinational bank then, every day after work I would climb the stairs one at a time with lot of prayers, taking a great risk though.  God carried me throughout the pregnancy period and I delivered a baby boy miraculously who was the reason for my foray into ministry. (Click HERE for my full testimony, which I have given in stages, share it with people who are facing challenges today.) God does great things! He will do for you too! Only believe!

Eliphaz, friend of Job said, ‘God does unsearchable things!’ I just looked up at the dictionary for the meaning of ‘unsearchable’, it says: ‘not to be understood by searching, it is hidden".  Some of our problems are like that, isn’t it?  Questions like: why did my sister get divorced, why did my baby die, why did my father leave us, why did my mother die, why was I fired from my job, why did my friend die of cancer, why did my ministry fail…the list goes on…these are the unsearchable things, well, God is in control of all such things.  Without complaining we need to just trust God!

After nearly 15 years of doing ministry, our funds suddenly dried up and we were like left alone in a big, scary ocean. Inch by inch we made it through.  Glory to Jesus!

Sometimes when we hear the mighty deeds of God, we almost gasp for breath , it is so unbelievable.  The dividing of the Red Sea, drying up of Jordan river and much more are all awe-inspiring miracles performed by our God.  This is history and not story friend, and this record was given to boost our faith, stay tuned to God and hold on to Him for your deliverance.

Believe me, I know that this is not always easy in difficult circumstances, but it is possible and necessary. Regardless of our “feelings” or “perceptions,” God is never far. You may not be able to see it, but let me tell you, He is working out things in your life. We need to trust Him even though we may not see it. Christian walk is all about trusting even when you don’t see it. Is it not? God is in control, He loves you and He has a plan for your life! Stay blessed!

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