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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Hear His voice
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Oct 26, 2020

Mary pondered!

Mary 2:19”But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.”


Can God speak to you in the most ‘ordinary-time’ of the day, I mean when you least expect, when you are talking with others and when you are in a crowd? Yes, He would! Did He not say ‘my sheep hear my voice?’  The Holy Spirit was talking to me about the way Mary secretly ‘pondered’ the words of angel Gabriel, who brought a big package from heaven filled with ‘favor!’  Well, God does not make a mistake, the parcel was delivered to the right person, who  God knew was not a chatter-box, God knew her and that’s why Mary was chosen. Some of us should learn to clamp our mouth! 

The meaning of the word ‘ponder’: to meditate, chew over, speculate, think and so on.  We got to learn to stay calm and think like Mary, ponder over the Word of God.  Imagine when your business is sinking, you get a word from the Lord that shortly He would bless you with abundance because He saw your faithfulness and holiness!  There would be a glow on your face despite the loss and failure in your business, your family and friends would not be able to understand you -  that’s what happens when God meets you!  You would go crazy! When the visa doesn’t come through, when you fail to get a job, when the business fails, health fails, children get rebellious, when your loved ones leave, when people reject and mock you, when people forget about you, when the engagement fails, marriage gets sour etc., the world would go bonkers during such times by getting discouraged and sad; however, a child of God should let the Word of God throw torch over the situation and allow God to comfort and reveal His will. If you do not have a face to face relationship with God then you can never ever experience this 'peace' instead you would be fearful all the time. 


When I was admitted in the hospital for a major operation, my mom and I would sit in the room, read the Bible and sing songs continuously.  Nurses, doctors and patients from other rooms heard us and I started getting people come to my room for prayers. Look, how the Word of God works in your life, you become ‘strength’ to others in the most weak moments of your life.  That’s God in you!







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