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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Sep 13, 2020

Firefighting on knees

Nehemiah 1:4 “So it was, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.”

I know there are many young men and women who would love to be ambitious and daring like Nehemiah, but nothing works without prayer. Are you listening? Nehemiah did not rush through things but first he sat at His feet, wept, fasted, prayed and mourned for many days! Power starts here! Where? At His Feet!

When I prepare for a convention meeting, where I have to share the Word consecutively for three days at a stretch, the devil would try to attack me from all quarters. Right from the time of traveling to the time of preaching, it would be fire-fighting all the while; however, since I would have prayed, fasted and spent much time at His Feet, I would be able to resist his evil devices. In a particular village, where there was tremendous opposition for the Gospel, I was preaching in an open air meeting, while I was preaching, a group of drunkards sat close to the venue and started abusing, mocking and distracting the meeting, they even went to the extent of man-handling the pastor who had arranged the meeting. That particular day, I was standing on a bullock-cart and preaching the message, however; I continued to preach and never gave in to fear. That was surely a thrilling experience! However, my husband and me had fasted and prayed before the meeting, hence God’s protection was with us not only through the meeting but also after that. Praise God!

Being a mother of two children and a wife, besides serving as a servant of God, I had many challenges to face; I had to be a ‘Firebrand multi-tasker!’ Only because of His grace, I was and am able to walk the tightrope between the roles as mother, wife and His servant, with an oeuvre that showcases a mix of wisdom and strength. During a three days spiritual retreat camp which was arranged in a grand manner, besides supervising the administration side of the camp, I was preaching on both days. My son was ten years old at that time and he went berserk playing wildly with other kids because the campsite was a lovely mango grove. He created such a racket, that on the third day, because of exertion, strain and heat, he fell sick. I had to take care of him the whole night, so I was awake, the next day I was too weak and tired; but I had to preach in the morning. I wondered how! My voice was totally damaged; however, I managed to preach not only in the camp, but also at the next day Sunday morning service in a church in that particular city and when I heard people tell me, ‘this was the best message of all’, what do you think I can say, except, ‘thank you Jesus!’ What was the secret key behind the success! My husband and me had fasted 40 days for this camp! The devil could not wag his tail! All his plans were squashed! Praise the Lord!

I can quote many examples in our ministry and my life, where prayer and fasting had sustained me during difficult times. Today, if you are dealing with an unsaved husband/wife, rebellious children, financial stress, whatever, fight the enemy on your knees like Nehemiah. I challenge you today to let God be your strength! Let Him take over the load in your life. Trust Him with your life.


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