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From the midst of the cloud
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

From the midst of the cloud

“……on the seventh day He called to Moses from the midst of the cloud.”

Patience is something that God gives us during the process of our trial period, on our own we can never ever get this.  I am not talking about waiting for a year or two, I am talking about ‘hard waiting period’.  Just take a look at the scene above, it is God who told Moses in verse one, “come up to me”, Moses obeyed and climbed up the mountain to meet God; however, there was no sign of God but pitch darkness for 6 days! Ah! The Bible says in verse 15 “Moses went up to the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain.”  Only after Moses endured the 6 days of waiting period alone up on the high Sinai mountain, did God say, “Moses”, that must have been the most sweetest, loveliest voice ever! Awesome!  Friend, it’s such intimate encounters with God that propels us to undertake touch tasks for Him!  

During one of my fasting days, while I was taking a quick nap in the midst of my busy schedule, I heard a voice call me ‘amma’ three times; I also recognized the voice which was one of my school student who was an orphan.  God was calling me deeper and deeper into His work and there was no turning back.  For people who ask me, ‘Bala, why do you take up so much on your shoulders’, I just smile because they do not know about that voice I heard in my dream which squeezed my heart.  Well, God did call me and that doesn’t mean everything is going to be hunky-dory, I am waiting for nearly three years for a school building which is very crucial and essential, we have to face tough, rude officials who question us about the building, we have to run the school without water (we take water from the pump outside on the public roads)  We do not have proper benches and chairs for the kids, it has been a long wait, it has been almost two years since my husband and me we’re on a particular, special fast for this building requirement for the school.  Do you think God is not aware of this? He is.  We got to wait no matter how painful it may be, the celebration would surely arrive.

God was watching the attitude of Moses as he waited for Him for 6 days, that was actually going to qualify him for the bigger things that awaited Moses: the next 40 days with God, the ten commandments that Moses received and also the huge project of building the Tabernacle for God.  Imagine!  You don’t get plum projects, effective open doors and phenomenal blessings without actually proving to God that you are faithful, committed, loyal, determined and patient.  I hope you are blessed with this Word!  The clouds will clear soon…………………..


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