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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Feb 04, 2020


Hebrews 1:9 "You (Lord) have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness..”

There are people out there ready to convince you about a big fraud, they would make it look like norm and wipe off even that little bit of guilt you may have.  None can convince a person who has made up his mind to whole-heartedly live the right way, so the gullible ones are those who are ready to compromise.  Listen carefully today please!

No matter where you are, the children of God who have salt in you would have to put your foot down, dig your heels deep, grind your teeth and stick to the ways of God, it’s not going to be easy though.  People may submit fake vouchers and claim LTA and medical allowance but you as a child of God never do such things and also dare to circulate this message among your friends to tell them the truth.  You know what, the profit got through the wrong source has a tag attached to it and that is called CURSES.  Nobody in this world and no organization is going to tell them that, so please you do that – even if it may bring opposition and a bit of commotion. 

One particular pastor was taking electricity power from the public source and using it for a long time to run his church until I visited their village to preach the Gospel, at the end of the 3 days meeting, he said he felt very guilty and immediately rectified his mistake.  This is what you call as repentance rather than continuing to live in sin.  Utilizing the benefits meant for others is also wrong, for example, if  a handicapped person is enjoying certain benefits and is qualified for a welfare program but he hands over that facility that entitlement to his friend then that is wrong.  That ‘benefit’ is meant for the handicapped which should never be passed over, which is like cheating the Government, likewise army officials allowing their relatives to enjoy the entitlements given to them is also ‘misuse’,  the person giving and taking are in the wrong.  I don’t have to write this devotion, educated people know it’s wrong but they continue, because of the profit.  A married woman with a son, claimed to be unmarried because the job demanded that she be single, when she came to me for prayers, I counseled her to immediately speak the truth even if it meant that she would lose the job. Employees with corrupted hearts have little regard for company assets and often misuse them likewise people abuse Government welfare schemes. 

 Liars, thieves and criminals are not just bank robbers but those who shrewdly manipulate and avail financial benefits in any way.  Please listen!  Curses await cheaters and tricksters!  This curse would affect your health, your kids health, their mental stability, your family, marriage and overall affect your life.  Is it worth it? 

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