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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Jan 10, 2020

Prayer journal is important in everybody's life:

How much you have prayed?
For what you have prayed?
How long you have prayed?
How much more you have to pray?
Points to pray.
Names and purposes....
And so on....

Above are important for every believer, If we are lackadaisical in our prayer life, then we are dead Christians, going nowhere. .....

The devil has Cunningly, cleverly and smartly deceived people into thinking, 'if there is a time frame for everything then why should I pray?' This is the lie of the enemy, careful!Why did Jesus have to tell His disciples, 'pray for an hour for me, when He was anyway going to resurrect?' Tell me.

Daniel prayed 3 times in a specific place at a specific time, so he had success. (Daniel 6:10) Your job or your materialistic possessions only aren't your achievements? How is your connection with God?

I pray all the time say some, morning to evening, when I am sitting, standing and walking I am praying, say some people.. these are people who do not want to sit and separate time for God. Your carelessness, laziness and stubbornness will bring huge loss one day, when the soul goes to hell, you cannot bring it back friend. Don't procrastinate! Warning!  King Hezekiah received the word of the Lord from prophet Isaiah that he was going to die, but Hezekiah instead of getting cynical and hysterical, turns his face toward the wall and calls out to the Lord for mercy and the Lord answers his prayer not only with healing but with a miraculous sign, literally making the sun go backwards in the sky. (2 King 20:2)

Early morning prayer, midnight prayer, fasting prayer, weeping prayer like Hannah, hard prayer, prayer in tongues and much more should be our goals. Join prayer at Church and grow in the Lord, don't be just a Sunday christian, grow this year to attend ALL prayers in the church.

You should pray until you hear God!

God bless you!

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