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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
When people leave you
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Dec 19, 2019

Drop you like a hot potato!

Luke 6: 28” …….pray for those who mistreat you.”

Can I get immune to love?  I pray, God would give me the right words to write this piece!

Enormous times, the people who hugged, kissed, embraced, praised, appreciated, and lauded me were the ones who threw the first stone at me and kicked me hard.  ‘Learn a lesson’, ‘stop loving people too much’, ‘have a limit’, ‘know to draw a line’, ‘don’t go overboard’ and much more  were the advices for me; nevertheless, I have not progressed yet in that area.

After one particular young man along with his family left me abruptly, it was pretty tough for me to get them away from my mind, especially the young man.  After the church service, I actually pounced off the pulpit one day when he first walked into our church and I made the first intro with him which was followed with constant pursuing, counseling and grooming.  The people who occupy your space so liberally and drop you like a hot potato one day is quite a hard thing to digest, am I right? .  Innumerable times I have had to face such incidences!  One particular lady who was with our ministry for several years, suddenly one day announced, ‘we shifted our house, so we are leaving the church’, without informing us about anything.  Most hurting, how does one react?

The boys who had once studied in my School, ate food and enjoyed the huge benefits in our school have turned their heads the other side when they left school.  This scars and wounds are painful. How does one react? The answer is found in  Luke 6: 28” …….pray for those who mistreat you.” When your own family rejects and ignores you, how does one react? Luke 6: 28” …….pray for those who mistreat you.” I know there’s someone there reading this portion with tears! Come on friend, receive the healing today, dry your tears and start loving again! Never give in to bitterness!

We live in a world that lacks true love, now how do I treat the fresh set of new candidates who arrive at the door step of my school? How do I treat the new family who walk into our church? How should I handle a friend whom I have just met?  The answer for all these questions is found in Romans 12: 18    “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.”


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